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Reality Has Endorsed Bernie Sanders

The case has never been clearer for a transition to Medicare for All, but its achievement clashes with the Democratic Party’s decades-long hostility to funding the social-welfare state.

Corporate America Is on Offense—Local Communities Can B

This crisis calls for us to challenge the government system that is failing us. Now is an opportunity for radical collective action.

"How Will You Pay For It?' Question Tossed Into Trash

On Friday, the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi who regularly dismissed the ideas put forward by Sanders and Warren as unrealistic, waved away that question, preparing to rubber-stamp a $2 trillion Senate Stimulus package

The Problem with Andrew Cuomo’s Coronavirus Response

This op-ed argues that people swooning over the New York governor's steady hand during the coronavirus crisis should look at his record in office.

Dispatches From the Culture Wars - March 31, 2020

Even social distancing sparks a culture war. Even Britney gets woke. And more revelations

DOJ: Detain People Indefinitely

Trump, who delayed responding to the pandemic for an unconscionable period of time, has now declared himself a “wartime president.” He knows that wartime presidents are never defeated at the ballot box.

COVID-19 and Circuits of Capital

The way out is nothing short of birthing a world (or perhaps more along the lines of returning back to Earth). It will also help solve—sleeves rolled up—many of our most pressing problems.

Coronavirus Cases Spike In West Bank: Laborers Return

While a small portion of the jump can be attributed to 9 cases being confirmed in the Gaza Strip, the main cause of the increase is the ordered return of thousands of Palestinian laborers from Israel back to the West Bank.

Winners: Wars, Walls and the Wealthy

Why do we fail in protecting our own people’s health and well-being while we squander more than a trillion dollars each year – with the assent of both Republicans and Democrats – on maintaining a failed and futile military empire across the world?

“Stay Home and Have the Baby”

pregnant woman wearing mask
Texas and Ohio have ordered a stop to abortions, saying they’re not essential medical services. Other states will follow. Right-wing forces are using the pandemic as a pretext to crack down dramatically on abortion rights. We can’t let them.
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Nothing is Normal

Esther Cohen
New York poet Esther Cohen addresses the suddenness of change and notices what hasn’t changed at all.


From Progressive Neoliberalism to Trump and Beyond

Gregory. N. Heires Portside
The social breakdown, symbolized by Trump's election and the malign effects of austerity policies serve to destroy faith in neoliberal capitalism. When that faith started to fray, new forms of outsider populist politics emerged left and right.


White Enough? Race in America

Ayesha Ramachandran Los Angeles Review of Books
This book on modern immigration explores the complex relationship South Asian migrants to the U.S. have with the always contested notion of "whiteness."



Some Instacart, Amazon Workers Strike as Jobs Get Riskier

Alexandra Olson and Mae Anderson Associated Press
Some Instacart and Amazon warehouse workers have walked off the job to demand greater safeguards against the coronavirus, even as both companies are speed-hiring hundreds of thousands of new workers to handle a surge in delivery orders.


Coronavirus: A Capitalist Crisis

Richard D. Wolff Dollars and Sense
The catastrophe demonstrates the results when public health is subordinate to private profit and to a governmental apparatus that adulates the superiority of private over public administration.


Grounded Reflections of Turbulent Times

Kaela Berg Workday Minnesota
Flight attendants are aviation’s first responders. We have now become frontline workers during a global pandemic. For many of us, however, the immediate threat of the COVID-19 virus is not our top concern.

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Trump Wants to Reopen America | Seth Meyers

Seth takes a closer look at the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak and the president and some his allies saying we should care more about the stock market than saving lives


The Plot Against America | HBO 2020

From creators David Simon and Ed Burns comes The Plot Against America, an alternate American history story of the country’s turn to fascism told through the eyes of a working-class Jewish family in New Jersey. Starring Zoe Kazan, Morgan Spector, Winona Ryder, and John Turturro, the limited series premieres on March 16th at 9PM. #HBO #ThePlotAgainstAmericaHBO


Bernie Sanders Confronts GOP Senators

‘Some of my Republican friends have not give up on the need to punish the poor and working people.’ — Bernie skewers GOP senators for trying to screw over American workers in the midst of a national crisis.


Naomi Klein | Coronavirus Capitalism

Governments around the world are busily exploiting the coronavirus crisis to push for no-strings-attached corporate bailouts and regulatory rollbacks