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How Can Socialists Help Stop Trump?

Eric Blanc interviews Leo Panitch about the upcoming presidential election in the US.

Massive Protests Rock Nigeria Demanding Police Reform

Protesters, mostly young, demand an end to extrajudicial killings, torture, and extortion in Nigeria.
For three decades the Nigerian government has repeatedly vowed to reform a police force mired in corruption and brutality, only for the problems to persist. Now, even with a global spotlight on the country, many are doubtful real change will come.

The Election’s Most Critical Climate Ballot Initiatives

Rideshare Drivers United caravanned from San Diego to Uber’s San Francisco headquarters to protest Proposition 22.
This election is full of existential choices from President to crucial races for the Senate and House. There are also a number of important state and local ballot initiatives and referendums that will influence our ability to preserve the biosphere.

Organizing the Poor to Vote

Low-income voters could decide this election. These neighborhood activists are working to make it happen.

Amy Coney Barrett and Republican Court Packing

Janine Jackson interviewed True North Research’s Lisa Graves about what’s behind the Amy Coney Barrett nomination for the October 16, 2020, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript.

Friday Nite Videos | October 30, 2020

AOC/Sunrise Movement | 'Let This Moment Radicalize You'. Jack Black | "Time Warp". Yes We Care. The Love | Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson. "This Joy" | The Resistance Revival Chorus.

Republicans Closely Resemble Autocratic Parties

Swedish university finds ‘dramatic shift’ in GOP under Trump, shunning democratic norms and encouraging violence

How Workers Can Help Defeat a Trump Coup

Donald Trump, desperately behind in the polls, appears to be laying the groundwork for illegally attempting to remain in office if he loses the election. This commentary focuses in on the role of workers—union and nonunion—in resisting a Trump Coup.

Can Facebook Be Used to Steal an Election?

How to rein in Facebook and social media platforms.

Migrant Children Detained for More Than a Year

Newly obtained data show that the U.S. government has detained nearly 1,000 migrant children for longer than one year since fall 2014.
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Election Day, 1884

Walt Whitman
The great American Bard Walt Whitman (1819-1892) celebrates what all citizens must do next Tuesday: VOTE!!


Where are the Social Movements in Fiction

Juliana Barnet Protect our Activists
Ten guesses why social justice activism rarely appears in our novels and movies. In the midst of major popular uprising, where are the lists of stories that would draw us into the heads and hearts of activist characters taking on injustices they face


In Defense of Knowledge

Alexander Larman The Critic
This new book, by the head of the Bodleian Library in Oxford, is a timely warning. "Its tone is set early on, with an epigraph from Heinrich Heine," writes reviewer Larman: “Wherever they burn books, they will also, in the end, burn human beings."



Camille T. Dungy Poetry Northwest
In the morbid world of coronavirus, Colorado-based poet Camille T. Dungy finds spontaneous happiness in a familiar song and dance.



Bernie Sanders Would Make a Very Good Secretary of Labor

Colin Gordon Jacobin
Bernie Sanders is reportedly making a bid to be the secretary of labor in a potential Biden administration. That’s good news. The labor secretary has broad latitude to raise worker standards — and Bernie could use the bully pulpit.


Labor Must Defend Democracy

Statement of UE Officers United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE)
It is necessary for the labor movement to play a leadership role in affirming our democratic institutions. We have material resources, we are organized, and we have the ability to withhold our labor.


Strike for Democracy!

Stephanie Luce Organizing Upgrade
Strikes are rare but political strikes are on the agenda more than they have been in many years. Labor Action to Defend Democracy has come together to "plant seeds and stir the pot," and work with community partners to protect the vote.

Friday nite video


"Time Warp"

It’s astounding… time is fleeting… and the 2020 election is here. Time to ROCK-Y THE VOTE! And remember: it's just a jump to the LEFT, and not a step to the right!


The Full Story of Trump and COVID-19

Emmy winner Jeffrey Wright (Westworld) narrates the documentary detailing how four years of Trump's actions brought America to this moment.