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Weaponizing the Issue of Rape

All too often in the fog of war, the brutality of sexual assault and rape is lost in the public eye, and bringing these abuses to light is something for which feminists have fought for decades. ...accusations have also been wielded as a tool of war

US Refuses to Assure UK Assange Won’t Be Executed

British law prohibits extradition to a country that may impose capital punishment. The indictment would punish conduct that national security journalists routinely engage in; no publisher has ever been prosecuted for disclosing government secrets....

Victory! – Starbucks Stops Opposing Its Baristas’ Union

In a historic breakthrough, Starbucks and its workers announce they’ve come together. In a joint announcement Starbucks and Workers United agreed “to begin discussions on a foundational framework designed to achieve…collective bargaining agreements.”

"Very close to an Eruption Taking Place in Israel"

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on this week's Haaretz Podcast says for Ben-Gvir, Smotrich and Netanyahu, Gaza is only the beginning - they are aiming for "Armageddon, that will make it possible to expel many of the Palestinians in the West Bank."

Feb.29, 2024-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Leap Year; Alabama Supreme Court Decision; Aaron Bushnell; ¡Presente! Nex Benedict; How to avoid climate collapse; Jerusalem Youth Chorus North American Spring Tour; Southern Student Organizing Committee Reunion; Cartoons; more....

Ultra-Processed Food May Have 32 Harmful Health Effects

World’s largest review finds direct associations with higher risks of cancer, heart disease and early death

Private Equity Has Its Eyes on the Child-Care Industry

As states and the federal government pour money into early education, how will they keep a public good from becoming a private cash cow?

Mercedes-Benz Workers in Alabama Move To Join UAW

"We're here to tell you that we are the majority. Mercedes workers are ready to stand up."

Michigan’s Primary: Biden Courting Political Suicide

The “uncommitted” vote in Michigan way outperformed expectations last night, reflecting Democratic unhappiness with Joe Biden’s support for Israel’s brutal war. He should change course on Gaza immediately.

Global Left Midweek – February 28, 2024

Unrest worldwide, and what it means
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Toxic Debt: An Environmental Justice History of Detroit

K.C. Compton Early Learning Nation
Over a period of the five years, beginning in 2014, the City of Detroit cut of water services for over a quarter million residents. This book, writes reviewer Compton, is a "dense, deeply researched history of Detroit’s water disasters."


Dior and Chanel Square Off in the Messy the New Look

Eileen Jones Jacobin
Largely set in occupied France during World War II, the new Apple TV+ series The New Look zeroes in on Christian Dior’s rivalry with Coco Chanel — but it falls flat when it tries to handle Chanel’s infamous Nazi sympathies.



Philip C. Kolin White Terror Black Trauma
Mississippi poet Philip Kolin traces the history of enslavement since 1619, this extract from his new book White Terror, Black Trauma (Third World Press).


Strangely Lenin

Paul Buhle Portside
This may be the funniest book about Lenin ever published, a generalization difficult to prove because there have been thousands of books about Lenin in hundreds of languages.



Trump Courts the Teamsters

Peter Olney Portside
Trump and the mainstream media have been playing up his courting of the Teamsters. But will the powerful union really endorse him? Don’t bet on it.


DC37 Retirees Association Taken Over by AFSCME

Chrystal Lewis Chief
The DC37 Retirees Association President said the trusteeship by AFSCME was a result of their opposition to being forced into a Medicare Advantage Plan and their support for the lawsuit brought by the NYC Organization of Retired Public Servants.


The Auto Workers Go All In

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
By devoting $40 million to its campaign to organize non-union auto plants, the UAW is challenging not just corporate America but also labor’s status quo.


No Union Democracy, No Union Revitalization

Chris Bohner Jacobin
Union democracy shouldn’t be seen as an abstract good separate from more important strategic considerations about rebuilding labor. Without democratizing labor, we can’t rebuild labor.

Friday nite video


Supreme Court Ethics | John Oliver

It's really legal!!! John Oliver offers Clarence Thomas $1 million a year for life if he'll resign from the Supreme Court.


American Fiction | Movie

Cord Jefferson's hilarious directorial debut confronts our culture’s obsession with reducing people to outrageous stereotypes. His outlandish “Black” book propels him to the heart of hypocrisy and madness.



Demand a ceasefire and an end to U.S. military aid to Israel. Video by Historians for Peace and Democracy's Israel Palestine Working Group.