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Big Changes Coming For Paid Family Leave in N.J.

An extensive expansion of New Jersey’s 10-year-old paid family leave program signed into law Tuesday.

Solar Energy Lost Jobs Last Year But Future Bright

Despite second consecutive year of declines, report concludes the long-term outlook for solar energy production is positive

Educators Protest Detention of Immigrant Children

As mandatory reporters, teachers said they are obliged to speak out against detainment and family separations.

Bolsonaro Emboldens Attacks on Amazon's Indigenous

Brazil's president said “there won’t be any more demarcations of Indigenous land” if it were up to him.

Global Left Midweek - February 20, 2019

Haiti, Climate Crusade, Venezuela, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Brexit x 3

Why Unions Must Bargain for Affordable Housing—and How

With housing costs gobbling up wage increases for union members and almost everyone else, labor must prioritize housing affordability.

Bernie Is Running, Thank God

Bernie Sanders is running for president again. His message is simple: there's a class war raging and working people need to win it.

West Virginia Teachers Strike Again, Another Victory

“I’m willing to say, keep the $4,000 because the soul of West Virginia and our students are worth more than $4,000 a year,” she said. “So we’re not going to sell them out.” Mingo County teacher Katie Endicott told New York magazine.

The U.S., Haiti, Venezuela and Regime Change

Their message is simple: if you won’t let us breathe, we won’t let you breathe, and if you suffocate Venezuela, you suffocate us

Media Bits and Bytes - February 19, 2019

New Report Exposes Facebook Fake News Schemes; Net Neutrality: FCC's Ajit Pai Loses in Court; The End of Amazon HQ2; Digital Pollution; New Tech for Privacy Protection; Automated Propaganda; The Ressa Case; We Interrupt This Emergency Declaration  
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How Change Happens

Karina Kloos Stanford Social Innovation Reveiw
This book showcases conservative and liberal movements aimed at social advocacy and change, in an effort to draw a portrait of what makes social movements effective in contemporary society.


Netflix's 'Sex Education' Nails A Crucial Aspect of Sex Positivity

Proma Khosla Mashable
As television continues to expand its world of stories, we find inclusivity extending; Sex Education’s diversity includes race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender, and a skillful study of sexuality and sex drive itself.


Hoktvlwv’s Crow

Jennifer Elise Foerster Bright Raft in the Afterweather
Jennifer Elise Foerster’s poetry depicts the natural environment—songbirds, hackberry trees, a butterfly named Question—fated for an apocalyptic ending.



Thank You Portside Labor readers

Portside Moderators Portside
We Portside moderators send you our thanks for responding generously to our annual appeal. You are one of 500 readers who contributed $32,000+.


The Rebirth of Mexico’s Electrical Workers

David Bacon NACLA
The Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME) is Mexico’s most important independent union on the Left. Ten years ago, it was nearly destroyed. Today, its members are rebuilding through a new labor cooperative.

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Ari Melber Interview With Four Key Mueller Witnesses

Four witnesses involved in Bob Mueller’s Russia probe – Jerome Corsi, Sam Nunberg, Michael Caputo and Carter Page – are each linked to President Trump, each directly involved in the Russia probe and have each given testimony to federal investigators


Get Me Roger Stone | Movie Trailer

One man was plotting a Donald Trump presidential run for years: Roger Stone. Diving deep into the mind of the master manipulator, Get Me Roger Stone provides a raw perspective on American politics from Joe McCarthy to Richard Nixon to Donald Trump.