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Defend Against the GOP Plan To Destroy Public Education

Our public schools shouldn't be pawns for politicians' ambitions. Or defunded and destroyed by ideologues. We are at a crossroads: Fear and division, or hope and opportunity. A great nation does not fear people being educated.

‘They’re Killing Us’: Anger After Migrant Fire Deaths

Protesters call for justice as blaze at detention facility in Ciudad Juárez highlights tough US immigration policies

Cultural Assumptions that Prevent Universal Health Care

Those beliefs are not evil but are stopping our healthcare system from being universally accessible to all Americans. Consequently, let’s examine how each assumption is challenged by how our healthcare compares to other nations’ healthcare plans.

How Far Will the Supreme Court Will Go To Arm America

The court is being asked to overturn an Appeals Court decision that would allow domestic abusers to possess firearms despite the fact that "the presence of a gun in a house with a domestic abuser increases the risk of homicide sixfold.”

Global Left Midweek – March 29, 2023

Movements and parties grapple with democracy, cost-of-living and shifting power arrangements

No Country for Nuclear Madmen

Everything that can be done must done to avert global nuclear annihilation.

America Is in a Disgraced Class of Its Own

The United States has a poverty problem.

There Is Power in a Pantry

Meet the women who nourished the longest strike in Alabama’s history.

Why Republicans Abandoned Their Economic Message

The GOP used to do its wonky best to make the case that it was the party of the pocketbook. But it’s all wokeness, all the time now.

Dispatches From the Culture Wars – March 28, 2023

Apocalypse is the new normal
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The Untold Story of Capitalism

Joel Wendland-Liu Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
This book, writes reviewer Wendland-Liu, shifts the geographic focus of "origins of capitalism" debates from Europe "to the motion, spaces, circuits and conflicts in multiple global sites and stages of economic production relations."


Jesus in America

H.C. Palmer
When the newly elected Governor of Oklahoma committed his state to Christian nationalism, the poet and war veteran H.C. Palmer raises some objections to such gestures.


Occult Features of Anarchism

Bethan Johnson LSE Review of Books
Reviewer Johnson calls this book "a rich work that forces readers to confront questions about the nature of anarchism, conspiracy theories and knowledge."



The Class Struggle With Tommy and Gina

Eric Dirnbach Eric Dirnbach
Bon Jovi’s hit “Livin’ on a Prayer” is an anthem about working class survival. But it also contains a deeper message about class struggle.


Extreme Chutzpah! Authoritarians Launch Existential Attack on Fla. Unions

Steve Wishnia Work-Bites
Public employees would have to sign a form, in 14-point type, larger than the rest of the text, stating, "Florida is a right-to-work state,” “union membership and payment of union dues and assessments are voluntary,” no employee may be discriminated against “for refusing to join or financially support a labor union.”

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