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The Left and the The Labor Movement in Los Angeles

Between several massive strikes, democratic socialists getting elected to city council, new union organizing campaigns, successful ballot measures to tax the rich, and the ouster of several reactionary political figures, it’s a good time to be a leftist in Los Angeles.

Google Ads for ‘Fake Abortion Clinics’ target the Poor

"People generally tend to consider Google's search engine as an equalizer... but that's just not the case," said one researcher. "Lower-income women are being targeted, and they're the ones that are going to suffer the most."

How Worker Ownership Builds Community Wealth

Community wealth building initiatives are taking hold in cities across the world, strengthening worker pay, local economies and democracy.

Biden the Unappreciated

Despite his historic achievements, the public doesn’t think he’s done much at all.

Media Bits and Bytes – February 7, 2023

What's missing from economics coverage?

John Hopkins Graduate Students Vote To Unionize

Graduate students across three Hopkins campuses voted in a union. Out of 3,335 NLRB-registered voters, 2,053 voted yes and 67 voted no, resulting in a 97% majority and 64% turnout rate.

Is It Forensics or Is It Junk Science?

Dubious forensic techniques have spread throughout the criminal justice system for decades. Here’s what ProPublica has learned about junk forensic science techniques and how they proliferate.

Doctors Demoralized by Profit-Driven Health System

"And many physicians are now finding it difficult to quash the suspicion that our institutions, and much of our work inside them, primarily serve a moneymaking machine."

Three Books the US Military Doesn’t Want You To Read

Several new memoirs from disillusioned military veterans reflect on the horrors of war. They’re essential tools for challenging US empire.

We Need Energy Democracy

Around the country, corporate utility giants like DTE in Michigan are leaving communities vulnerable while impeding progress on decarbonization—and that’s exactly why a transition to community-owned utilities must happen.
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UnAmerican Activities

Gerry Sloan
Arkansas poet Gerry Sloan speaks to global absurdity (think Ukraine) “weapons of mass destruction place…victory out of reach…”


Making Sense of the Ukraine War

Eric Draitser Tempest
In a critical assessment of this new book, reviewer Draitser challenges some widely-held views and assumptions about the Russia-Ukraine war.


The Responsibility of Watching

A.O. Scott The New York Times
The Responsibility of Watching the video of Memphis police beating Tyre Nichols challenges public complacency — and complicity. What are our duties as citizens and as human beings?


Cacao Makes a Comeback in Puerto Rico

Jen Ruiz Modern Farmer
In the 1900s, tax incentives lured major pharmaceutical corporations to the island. Puerto Ricans left the land for the office. But gourmet crops like cacao have enticed islanders to return to agriculture, building a burgeoning chocolate hot spot.



Fear and Loathing Among the Union Busters

Julia Rock The Lever
The tactics suggested by "union avoidance" consultants, such as “old-fashioned captive audience [speeches],” remain the same, with a slightly different twist to match the moment.


Most Schools in England Affected by Strikes

Hazel Shearing BBC
Teachers in England and Wales were among thousands of workers taking action during what was said to be the biggest strike day for a decade.

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Do You Need a Brain To Sleep?

You might think you need a brain to sleep, but organisms with super simple neural networks can still "sleep" sort of like we do.