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America Pays When Schools Fail To Teach About Slavery

Our failure to address a legacy of enslavement and racial oppression makes the US ill-equipped to deal with present-day injustices and challenges.

The Reagan Hostage Plot That Defeated Jimmy Carter

A long-time Republican operative has come forward to spill the beans about the extensive plotting by Reagan allies to force the hostages to endure captivity for months so that voters would deny Carter a second term.

Campuses Are Platforms for Labor Renewal

Everywhere you look this spring, you’ll find evidence that campuses are becoming sites of labor organizing and struggle.

Paramount Accords Should Not Be Repealed

Repealing the Paramount accords could set independent cinema back in favour of corporate giants. When larger studios can buyup properties or drive competitors out of business, that monopoly over our cultural media is truly dangerous.

UAW Reformers Just Won Control of the Union.

Unite All Workers for Democracy, the reform caucus in the United Auto Workers, just won sweeping victories in leadership elections. Now they’re looking to transform the UAW, one of the largest unions in the country, into a democratic fighting machine.

Sunday Science: No Faster-Than-Light Communication

Even with quantum teleportation and the existence of entangled quantum states, faster-than-light communication still remains impossible.

How To Gut Programs Without Much Debate or Thought

Reinstituted rules in the U.S. House of Representatives allow members to fire federal staffers and cut programs.

Executives Make Millions Trading Competitors’ Stock

Never-before-seen IRS records show that CEOs are sometimes making multimillion-dollar bets on the stocks of direct competitors and partners — and doing so with exquisite timing.

New Weapon for Kneecapping the Administrative State

Why a relatively young legal doctrine has become all the rage among the court’s right-wing majority

A Regional Reign of Terror

Most Americans now grasp that violence was essential to the functioning of slavery, but a new book excavates the lesser known brutality of everyday Black life in the Jim Crow South.
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The Sweet and Sour Origins of Amish Soul Food

Sam Lin-Sommer Atlas Obscura
In Pennsylvania Dutch Country, African Americans have created a distinct, delicious cuisine, combining Southern and Amish cooking from Coatesville, PA, where the cuisines of Amish and African American communities have commingled over generations.


TV Review: Prime Video’s ‘Swarm’ Black Female Rage As Catharsis

Jeanine T. Abraham Medium
Everyone and their brother feels free to come at Black women with all guns blazing, spewing venom on social media as much as possible, and we are supposed just to sit and “swing low sweet chariot, we shall overcome, praise Black Jesus, take the high road,” in response. Rarely do we get to see Black women articulate rage.


One Year Later

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Rattle
On the anniversary of the war, Ukrainian-born poet Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach appeals for public attention of the crisis in her homeland.


The Too-Large-For Life Harry Bridges

Paul Buhle Portside
Harry Bridges, the Pacific longshoremen’s leader is too large for life and almost too large as a biographical subject. Left historian Paul Buhle reviews the recent biography by Bob Cherny.


Film Review: ‘Ithaka’ Makes a Personal Appeal to Free Assange

Ed Rampell The Progressive
'Ithaka' the documentary produced by the WikiLeaks founder’s half brother offers a close-up look at one of the world’s most famous political prisoners. 'Ithaka' stresses that if Assange is extradited to America, supporters fear he’d face extremely harsh conditions. He would also become the first journalist ever convicted under the draconian Espionage Act, a blow against journalism, transparency, and democracy.



It’s a New Day in the United Auto Workers

Luis Feliz Leon, Jane Slaughter Labor Notes
The UAW has 400,000 members and a strike fund of a billion dollars. The new leaders campaigned on a militant approach to organizing, internal democracy, and solidarity against tiers, similar to the leadership shakeup in the Teamsters in 2021. The Members United slogan was “No Corruption, No Concessions, No Tiers.”


How We’re Fighting for a Union at Amazon’s Biggest Air Hub

Griffin Ritze Labor Notes
In Kentucky, workers organizing for a union at Amazon's biggest air hub are demanding the rehire of fired activists. Despite the retaliation, "our activity has been contagious among our co-workers," writes Griffin Ritze. Workers in various departments have taken direct action for immediate demands.

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Chemical Apocalypse: What We Saw in East Palestine

We went to East Palestine for a week to get residents’ side of the story after the Ohio rail disaster. People told us they’re getting sick and their pets are dying, while Norfolk Southern is trying to cover it up.