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Friday Nite Videos | April 19, 2019

Stephen Colbert Gets His Mueller Report. A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Fox Town Hall with Bernie Sanders. When They See Us | Central Park Five Documentary. What If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama?

Mueller Report: What Congress Can and Will Do

The redacted version of the report just released is only the start of wide-ranging and intensive House investigations

Ten Solutions to Bridge the Racial Wealth Divide

The deep and persistent racial wealth gap will not close without bold, structural reform

American War Is Off the Charts

How the U.S. military feeds at the Terror Trough

The 12 Biggest Myths About Raising Taxes on the Rich

Next time you hear one of these myths, know the truth

Mueller Report: Detailed Account of Lies and Misconduct

This is no exoneration. The basics of the Trump-Russia scandal were well established long before Mueller concluded his investigation. The report is a detailed accounting of it is time for Congress to act, to bring charges of impeachment.

New York’s Last Socialist Congressperson

Before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there was Vito Marcantonio: East Harlem's socialist congressperson, who fought for justice for Puerto Rico, sweeping civil rights, and a more radical New Deal.

Elizabeth Warren: Intellectual Powerhouse of Democrats

Since her initial announcement in December, Warren’s campaign has rolled out a series of detailed policy proposals in quick succession, outlining structural changes to major industries, government functions, and regulatory procedures...

Lawyers for the Left - Book Review

Michael Steven Smith’s smart and compelling Lawyers for the Left, and you’ll find yourself plunged into the contradictions and swirling through the vortex where that question—what is the law? — is on everyone’s mind all the time.

Apr. 18, 2019-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Medicare for All; Assange- War on the Press; Death Penalty; Green New Deal; Segregation - Planned; Hawaii Statehood; Trump Cuba Policy; Appeasing Hitler; Game of Thrones; Resources: Albert Einstein; Reparations; Kevin Lynch Memorial;
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There Is a Scottsboro in Every Country

Amanda Reid Public Books
Two books look to the histories of the Communist International and the Tricontinental movement to evaluate how organizing around color and region can effect global struggles against oppression and grow in tandem with multiracial workers’ movements.


Appeasing Hitler

Susan Pedersen The Guardian
This study, published as Appeasing Hitler in the UK, focuses on a vain, narrow-minded prime minister, and on how few Britons understood the Third Reich. The book will be published in the USA in June under the title Appeasement.


Koji is Transforming How American Chefs Think About Food and Flavor

Kate Leahy Plate on Line
Spaghetti and Clams Koji is a fungus believed to have been domesticated in Asia. As the spores grow, they release enzymes that break down proteins and starches into sugars. This reaction is also why koji mold is used to turn soybeans into miso, and rice into saki.


The Authoritarian Heroes of Game of Thrones

Parker Richards The Atlantic
As with many epic fantasies, the show’s heroes are framed as liberators and defenders of the common people—despite holding absolute power.


Mexican American Disambiguation

José Olivarez Hyperallergic
The son of Mexican immigrants, the poet José Olivarez explores the ambiguities (and realities) that determine who labels whom in the discourse of ethnic identity.



We Can Do Better Than Amazon

Barbara Bowen Clarion
Governor Cuomo loves to enjoin us to think big about spending billions on infrastructure. He and Mayor de Blasio were prepared to commit $3 billion to Amazon. But no investment would repay New York more than a major investment in CUNY.


Rutgers Faculty and Grads Win Historic Contract!

Rutgers AAUP-AFT Rutgers AAUP-AFT
Nearly 5,000 full-time faculty and graduate employees at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, won a tentative agreement on the brink of a strike.


As Strike Goes on, Impact on Stop & Shop is Increasing

Katie Johnston Boston Globe
Inside stores, shortages are evident. Meat and produce are rapidly disappearing from shelves, and aren’t being replaced because truck drivers in the Teamsters union are refusing to cross the picket line.


California Teachers on the March: An Interview with Joel Jordan

Johanna Brenner Solidarity
Joel Jordan is a retired teacher activist who spent many years organizing with the Los Angeles teachers’ union (UTLA) before relocating to Oakland where he helps coordinate the California Alliance for Community Schools.


UAW Announces New Election at Volkswagen

Chris Brooks Labor Notes
On Tuesday, the United Auto Workers (UAW) filed for an election to represent all 1,709 of the plant’s hourly employees, requesting that the election be held on April 29 and 30.


The Silent Death of Workers in India

Víctor M. Olazábal Equal Times
India's labor market primarily operates within the informal sector and is fraught with the most precarious of conditions, but in an environment where workers can lose their jobs for speaking out, most keep quiet to survive.

Friday nite video


Town Hall with Bernie Sanders | Part 1

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses his tax returns, his tax plan, the perception of socialism, calls for new Democratic leadership, a potential Biden candidacy and health care with Fox News moderators Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.


When They See Us | Official Trailer

Based on a true story that gripped the country, When They See Us will chronicle the notorious case of five teenagers of color, labeled the Central Park Five, who were convicted of a rape they did not commit. The four part limited series will focus on the five teenagers from Harlem -- Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Raymond Santana and Korey Wise. Beginning in the spring of 1989, when the teenagers were first questioned about the incident, the series will span 25 years, highlighting their exoneration in 2002 and the settlement reached with the city of New York in 2014.


Indian Elections | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

Hasan analyzes the current state of politics in India and what it means to him as an Indian-American, with a focus on the country’s upcoming elections. Hasan discusses how recent conflicts with Pakistan, widespread economic issues under current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a resurgence of Hindu nationalism, and corruption scandals amongst major political parties in the country will play a role in determining the future, and the identity, of India.


Gaza | Sundance World Premiere Trailer

Gaza brings us into a unique place beyond the reach of television news reports to reveal a world rich with eloquent and resilient characters, offering us a cinematic and enriching portrait of a people attempting to lead meaningful lives against the rubble of perennial conflict