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Trump Ordered States to Open Churches. Can He Do That?

The Justice Department's own actions show just how little power the president has to force the outcome he wants.

Making Life Cheap: “Lives Matter, But at What Cost?”

The Dalits of India, who are forced to work in the most unsafe conditions.
The death drive at the heart of the now discredited herd immunity strategy has morphed into a straightforwardly “eliminationist” scheme, presenting the slaughter of those most at risk from the coronavirus as a form of heroic, wartime sacrifice.

The Story of US-Backed Mass Killing in Indonesia

Coups in Brazil in 1964 and Indonesia in 1965 were US Cold War victories. In Indonesia between 500,000 and 1,000,000 were killed. This led to the creation of a monstrous international network of extermination and our current global economic system.

Palestinian President Ends Agreements with Israel, US

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks in Ramallah.
Faced with the looming threat of Israeli annexation, on Tuesday Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared an end to all Palestinian agreements with Israel and the US. Analysts, however, are skeptical Abbas will follow through on his pledge.

Rev. Barber Calls for Resistance to Reopening Plans

The Poor People's Campaign urges elected officials to follow the recommendations of public health experts and not risk a resurgence of the virus, which is disproportionately affecting poor, uninsured, low-wage laborers, many of them "essential."

Friday Nite Videos | May 22, 2020

What Happens If You Can’t Pay Rent? | Hasan Minhaj, DISTRACTION! | A Randy Rainbow Song Parody. Never Rarely Sometimes Always | Movie. Trump Takes Hydroxychloroquine. Why We're Seeing Mass Layoffs in the US but Not the UK.

A Trump Second Term: Tyranny by Another Name

In a second Trump term basic legal structures will be pulverized and a fundamentally lawless regime will set about maintaining itself in power, while pretending to democratic norms

One Week Could Have Saved 35,000 US Lives

Research that looked at 60 countries worldwide over the first 100 days of the pandemic found how important a quick response was for reducing the death toll.

Jacinda Ardern Calls for Four-Day Week

Ardern’s idea upends four decades of neoliberal insistence that workplace ‘flexibility’ is the purview only of employers

A Lasting Remedy for the Covid-19 Economic Crisis

As catastrophic as it is, the Covid-19 pandemic offers a moment of reflection. If we set our sights high and not throw money at big corporations, perhaps we can emerge from the crisis with an economy and society that are stronger than before.
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So Much for America

Amaud Jamaul Johnson Southern Review
In a time when the murder of African Americans in plain sight terrifies the news, Poet Amaud Jamaul Johnson captures the feeling of capture.


How Capitalist Economics Structures Inequality

Gregory Heires Portside
The world economy, to the degree it still works at all, serves to benefit the few at the expense of the many. The author of the book under review does an economic deep dive into ways that can reverse that antidemocratic equation.


Never Rarely Sometimes Always - Profoundly Moving Abortion Drama

Mark Kermode The Guardian
Elliza Hittman’s coming-of-age story about a teenager seeking an abortion is heartbreaking and painfully authentic. Hittman has described her film as “a narrative about a girl carrying around a lot of pain and burden, and the lonliness of it all".



The Case For Sectoral Bargaining Is Now Stronger Than Ever

Hamilton Nolan In These Times
Even if sectoral bargaining would not magically produce perfect unions with perfect solidarity, it would give unions the access they need to build those perfect unions by creating sector-wide labor groups.


Today’s Labor News & Commentary

Rund Khayyat onlabor
OSHA rolled back its previous announcement that it would functionally leave federal safety regulations unenforced by refraining from government investigation of corona-related health and safety complaints.


Solidarity Helps Seafarers on Cruise Ships

ILWU Dispatcher
Seafarers were in a precarious situation long before the COVID-19 crisis struck early this year. Many workers are now stranded on ships at sea, and others are afraid to return home for fear of losing their jobs in the future.


Another Big Job-Loss Wave Looms: State and City Workers

By Mark Trumbull Staff writer, Timmy Broderick Contributor, Lee A. Dean Contributor The Christian Science Monitor
Just as in the Great Recession, a steep downturn in the private sector is poised to cause big job losses in state and local governments.

Friday nite video


Never Rarely Sometimes Always

An intimate portrayal of two teenage girls in rural Pennsylvania. Faced with an unintended pregnancy and a lack of local support, Autumn and her cousin Skylar embark on a brave, fraught journey across state lines to New York City. Full review here.