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New Type of Dark Energy Could Solve Universe Expansion

Hints of a previously unknown, primordial form of the substance could explain why the cosmos now seems to be expanding faster than theory predicts.

Manchin Will Craft the U.S. Climate Plan

Senator Joe Manchin is already a crucial swing vote in the Democrats’ sweeping budget bill. But he will also write the details of its climate change program

Don’t Judge a District by Its Shape

Can you spot the gerrymandered districts?

When Palestinian Political Speech Is “Incitement”

The broad criminalization of Palestinian social media users occurs as Jewish Israeli extremists have been left free to incite violence on platforms in full view of authorities.

The 19th Century’s 9/11

Long before the 9/11 of 20 years ago, another episode of violence took place on that day in 1851 and portended our nation’s deepest divide.

Architect of Texas Abortion Ban Takes Aim at LGBTQ+

"Make no mistake, the goal is to force extreme, outdated, religious-driven values on all of us through the courts."

‘How is Pauli Murray not a household name?’r

She explored her gender and sexuality in the 20s, defied segregation in the 40s and inspired Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Now, a film is bringing her trailblazing achievements to light..

September 11 and the Debacle of 'Nation-Building'

Nation-building in Afghanistan and Iraq was the resurrection of a doctrine that should have been buried after Vietnam.

September 11 in Chile and the US

Growing up in the U.S., September 11, 1973, was as important a date for my bi-national family as the 4th of July. My parents met through Chile Solidarity, the international movement to defend the Chilean people against its neoliberal dictatorship.

Louis Armstrong and the spy: how the CIA used him as a

Book reveals how the jazz musician unwittingly became party to secret cold war manoeuvres by the US in Africa.
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Happy Hour

Jerry Dyer
California poet Jerry Dyer captures the crazy rush for the good old days: “voices mix wisdom with the lies./ Bars are filling their pulpits and their pews.”


United States of Amnesia. The Tulsa Massacre

Eric Foner London Review of Books
A noted historian digs deep into the latest work by an equally eminent scholar who spent much of his career fruitfully exposing the 1921 massacre of thousands of black Tulsa citizens. The book and the review coincided with the mass-murder’ centennial


The Kremlin Letters

Jonathan Steele The Guardian
This newly published edition of this exchange of letters between the leaders of the three major countries of the anti-fascist alliance sheds new light on an almost forgotten aspect of the World War II years.


Growing Food Justice in Brooklyn

Monica R. Goya & Valery Rizzo Yes Magazine
ENYF! is an urban agriculture, food justice-led project in East New York.They grow produce and also hire and train community members—people who love food and want to learn how to cook. They basically educate the community on healthy eating.



Four Million Jobs

Economic Policy Institute Economic Policy Institute
Budget reconciliation package and bipartisan infrastructure bill would support more than 4 million jobs per year


Can Unions Turn the Covid Crisis Into a ‘1945 Moment’?

Dave Ward interviewed by Ben Chako Morning Star
Identifying allies to build labour movement power in localities is a key part of making the New Deal a success. “Who can we work with to build collectivism and rebuild our movement from the ground up, renewing our connections with working people?"

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My Name Is Pauli Murray | Documentary

They are one of the most influential human rights advocates in American history. Told largely in Pauli’s own words, My Name is Pauli Murray is a candid recounting of a unique and extraordinary journey. Coming to theaters Sept 17, streaming on PrimeVideo Oct 1.