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On VE Day, We Remember the Partisans Who Risked Everyth

This day in 1945, Nazi Germany finally surrendered. Faced with revisionist attempts to claim the war was a struggle between “twin totalitarianisms,” we should remember the working-class partisans who resisted the fascist violence

Police and the License to Kill

Detroit police killed hundreds of unarmed Blacks in response to the civil rights movement. Their ability to get away with it reveals why most of today’s proposals to make police more accountable are bound to fail, and how we can do better.

The ignorance that Underpinned Empire and Slavery

It’s not the ‘woke’ who want to erase the past, but those who are determined that it should never be examined.

Colombia Protests and Repression

The defeat of the regressive tax bill is an unprecedented triumph for the youth, the urban poor, and the unions of teachers and health care workers who promoted the uprising.

Why Have Media Gone to Such Lengths to Silence Mumia?

Elite media would have us believe they are engaged in a serious reckoning with the racism of the US criminal justice system, that they care about over-incarceration and prison conditions. Yet elite media continues its silence about Mumia.

Friday Nite Videos | May 7, 2021

A 60-Second Rant for DC Statehood | Mehdi Hasan. Yasmin Williams | "Restless Heart". We Will Transform Kentucky | Charles Booker. Desi Lydic Foxsplains: Is America a Racist Country? The Black Church That Could Bankrupt the Proud Boys.

Liz Cheney and Her Dad Paved the Way for the Big Lie

She says Donald Trump crossed a line. But the Bush-Cheney administration didn’t?

This Mother’s Day, Recognize and Reward Care Work

Care isn’t a burden for women and families to shoulder alone. It’s the foundation of our economy, and it deserves to be treated as such.

$15 for a Federal Contract Is Great. A Union Is Better.

Biden could kick-start labor organizing, without approval from Congress.

Cicadas Have an Existential Problem

Cicadas, like us, have come to rely on an interconnected ecosystem of their own creation that becomes more unwieldy and fragile with time, and that they can barely control.
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Under Corporate Skies

Al Young afropoets
“Where profit ignites,” writes the late poet Al Young, “lives go out.”


Epidemic Empire: Colonialism, Contagion, and Terror 1817-2020

Joshua Moufawad-Paul Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
This book offers an examination of how the language of imperialism portrays anti-imperialism and rebellion as infection and pestilence, and how that language is "central to the management of empire and neoimperial formation."


My name [Inaudible.]

Patricia Mona Eng Rattle
Responding to the shootings in Atlanta’s Gold Spa, poet Patricia Mona Eng uses online quotes of the shooter against the 911 recordings of the Asian woman calling for help.



Save the Post Office

Dennis O’Neil Labor Notes
The Postmaster General’s New Attack on the Mail is a Fig Leaf for Privatization.


The Labor Battle for the Right to Pee

Luis Feliz Leon TNR
App delivery workers for DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and other tech giants are fighting for a living wage, employment status, and the simple right to pee in privacy.


Can the Decline of Unions Be Reversed?

Arthur MacEwan Dollars&Sense
The decline of unions and the difficulties that unions face in 2021 are not simply a result of some sort of inexorable forces, which is often how globalization and technological change are presented.

Friday nite video


A 60-Second Rant for DC Statehood | Mehdi Hasan

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and politicians who ignore their state's own history shouldn't decry DC statehood. In a mini-rant, NBC’s Mehdi Hasan introduces the pot to the kettle. Start the clock!


Yasmin Williams | "Restless Heart"

Yasmin Williams only started playing the guitar after beating all the songs on expert-level on Guitar Hero II. Now she is one of a new generation who are changing the face of guitar soloists.


We Will Transform Kentucky | Charles Booker

Charles Booker believes that there is a progressive movement rising in Kentucky, and if people work together they can win back the Senate seat held by Rand Paul for the people.