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Reflections on My Time in Kyiv

A skeptic of U.S. foreign policy struggles with how to be anti-imperialist and pro-Ukraine at the same time.

LA Teachers Make Good Promise to Community Schools

“We knew the community schools idea would better address what our students need.” Even though implementations are still in their early phases, the schools and the families who attend them are already seeing tangible benefits.

How NC GOP Completely Changed Its Mind on Medicaid

Republicans in North Carolina used to be extremely skeptical of offering Medicaid expansion to more low-income residents. That officially changed this week.

Seniors Call on Banks To Dump Big Oil

Older climate activists gathered in on hundred cities around the country for a day of action targeting banks that finance fossil fuel projects. New organization, Third Act, already has 50,000 members.

What Would King Say About Iraq War

This week marks 20 years since the U.S. invaded Iraq. Tens of millions demonstrated worldwide to try to stop it. On Martin Luther King holiday weekend, we thought back to what Dr. King warned about - US militarism and its disastrous consequences.

Reject the Left-Right Alliance Against Ukraine

If U.S. leftists take seriously their commitment to self-rule and loathing of foreign aggression, they should shed their ambivalence about supporting Ukraine.

Strike at The New School Spawned a Radical Coalition

A post-strike coalition at The New School has dreams of transforming the university and higher education more broadly.

Mar. 23 2023-Reader Comments, Resources, Announcements

Reader Comments: Bank Failures, Deregulation and Fed-Raising Interest Rates; Illegal Invasion of Iraq; Slash Pentagon Budget; Jim Crow South; New Day for UAW; Light Communication; Letters From Langston; US Policy and Taiwan; How Workers Win

Starbucks Workers at Over 100 US Stores Walk Out

The actions were launched in response to Starbucks’ aggressive anti-union efforts against worker organizing, which have included allegations of firing dozens of workers in retaliation for union organizing, intimidation, store closures, withholding benefits, schedule cuts and delays in bargaining a first union contract.

A Brooklyn School Teaching the Course Florida Banned

Students in the course say it has been one of the most valuable experiences of their school years, because it has allowed them to focus on Black life and history beyond the fundamentals of slavery and civil rights.
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Jesus in America

H.C. Palmer
When the newly elected Governor of Oklahoma committed his state to Christian nationalism, the poet and war veteran H.C. Palmer raises some objections to such gestures.


Occult Features of Anarchism

Bethan Johnson LSE Review of Books
Reviewer Johnson calls this book "a rich work that forces readers to confront questions about the nature of anarchism, conspiracy theories and knowledge."


The Sweet and Sour Origins of Amish Soul Food

Sam Lin-Sommer Atlas Obscura
In Pennsylvania Dutch Country, African Americans have created a distinct, delicious cuisine, combining Southern and Amish cooking from Coatesville, PA, where the cuisines of Amish and African American communities have commingled over generations.


TV Review: Prime Video’s ‘Swarm’ Black Female Rage As Catharsis

Jeanine T. Abraham Medium
Everyone and their brother feels free to come at Black women with all guns blazing, spewing venom on social media as much as possible, and we are supposed just to sit and “swing low sweet chariot, we shall overcome, praise Black Jesus, take the high road,” in response. Rarely do we get to see Black women articulate rage.


One Year Later

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Rattle
On the anniversary of the war, Ukrainian-born poet Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach appeals for public attention of the crisis in her homeland.


The Too-Large-For Life Harry Bridges

Paul Buhle Portside
Harry Bridges, the Pacific longshoremen’s leader is too large for life and almost too large as a biographical subject. Left historian Paul Buhle reviews the recent biography by Bob Cherny.



Extreme Chutzpah! Authoritarians Launch Existential Attack on Fla. Unions

Steve Wishnia Work-Bites
Public employees would have to sign a form, in 14-point type, larger than the rest of the text, stating, "Florida is a right-to-work state,” “union membership and payment of union dues and assessments are voluntary,” no employee may be discriminated against “for refusing to join or financially support a labor union.”


It’s a New Day in the United Auto Workers

Luis Feliz Leon, Jane Slaughter Labor Notes
The UAW has 400,000 members and a strike fund of a billion dollars. The new leaders campaigned on a militant approach to organizing, internal democracy, and solidarity against tiers, similar to the leadership shakeup in the Teamsters in 2021. The Members United slogan was “No Corruption, No Concessions, No Tiers.”

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Chemical Apocalypse: What We Saw in East Palestine

We went to East Palestine for a week to get residents’ side of the story after the Ohio rail disaster. People told us they’re getting sick and their pets are dying, while Norfolk Southern is trying to cover it up.