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Workers at SFO Workers win Raises

Restaurant workers at San Francisco International Airport approved a new union contract on Sunday, giving them a $5 per hour raise and free family health care, after 1,000 workers went out on strike for three days last week.

Grassroots Voices: How We Won Georgia

Georgia was the epicenter of the struggle for political power in 2020 and is again a central player in 2022, with races for governor and U.S. Senate up for grabs. Here are the perspectives of four leaders in the organizing efforts that won Georgia.

The Florida City that Survived Hurricane Ian

The Babcock Ranch community near Ft Meyers shows building a resilient and low-carbon America will save both money and lives. We need to start now.

Lula and Bolsonaro Face Second Round Election

With 96,9% of the polls counted, Lula had a plurality, leading Bolsanaro by 4.7 million votes. The second round of the elections will take place on October 30.

Antitrust Action Moves Forward

A package of bills to improve antitrust enforcement passes the House.

The Race To Invent New Particles Is Pointless

In private, many physicists admit they do not believe the particles they are paid to search for exist – they do it because their colleagues are doing it

A Feminist Revolution in Iran?

What the current Iranian anti-Islamist national uprising, the Iranian feminist Revolution of 2022, has thus far demonstrated is that the power of the reactionary clergy over the consciousness of Iranian society with its dark spell after centuries has finally been broken en masse – and for the good. Whatever the outcome of current events – whether the regime falls in short order or over a protracted period – there is no going back.

Modeling the New USPS Delivery Network

It should be clear that the changes to the delivery network now underway are not simply a “broad strategic plan” or “pilot program.” Implementation has already begun with the acquisition of huge spaces in three cities, notification of the employee unions and associations, and a list of the first 200 post offices that will be converted over the coming weeks and months. The scope of the plan is far reaching and nationwide. You don’t need to wait for it to be “scaled up” to see what’s happening.

Brazil Votes; Run-Off October 30

Lula took the lead as more rural votes counted but failed to reach 50%

Will the Next Pandemic Start With Chickens?

This spring, a virulent strain of bird flu ripped through U.S. farms. The public hardly noticed. That we could ignore the disease shows just how little we’ve learned about the origin of new viruses.
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From Fireman to Pieman: How a Miami Firefighter Baked up a Pie Empire

Laine Doss Broken Palate
Derek Kaplan always had a knack for baking since he was a teen but took a detour to become a firefighter before reigniting his passion for piemaking. When he wasn’t helping the good citizens of Miami, he would bake out of a shared industrial kitchen. Soon, menus across Miami would proclaim: “We proudly offer Fireman Derek’s Famous Key Lime Pies.”


Behind the Wall

Cory Lambing Rattle
“The debts we make are never paid, for us behind the wall,” write the incarcerated poet Cory Lambing, offering a glimpse of what it’s like to be inside.


Before We Were Trans: A New History of Gender

Jane Haile New York Journal of Books
This new book, says reviewer Haile, surveys "the existence of non-binary gender ideas, roles and behavior across cultures and from different time periods."


Friday nite video


Ladykiller | Official Trailer

In her latest comedy special, Jena Friedman probes America’s obsession with (dead) women, finding humor in marriage, motherhood, and murder. Streaming Sept. 30 on Peacock.


The 10 Tactics of Fascism | Jason Stanley

Fascism is a cult of the leader, who promises national restoration in the face of supposed humiliation by immigrants, leftists, liberals, minorities, homosexuals and women