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PragerU’s Propaganda Is Now Being Taught in Schools

The media group was just approved to spread its brand of historical disinformation to classrooms in Florida, Oklahoma, and New Hampshire.

The Missing Inflation Data

The Biden administration is getting bad data and bad advice — but there’s a way out.

Why Does Flying Suck?

Companies get away with bad behavior when we accept their excuses that there’s just no other way to run a business.

Sacrificing Security for Militarism

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board has moved the hands of its Doomsday Clock forward, at “90 seconds to midnight—the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been.”

The New Language of Censorship

It’s important the left challenges language intended to suppress serious discussion of the war and its causes. You can counter an accusation of spreading disinformation or propaganda with evidence that what you are saying is true.

Friday Nite Videos | June 22, 2023

The Scheme To Capture the Court. Hannity Tonight | Parody. Rupert Murdoch Resigns, Will Lachlan Be More Extreme? Long Knife | Documentary. The Real Reason Auto Workers Are Fed Up.

Clarence Thomas Joined in Koch Network Donor Events

Thomas has attended at least two Koch donor summits, putting him in the extraordinary position of having helped a political network that has brought multiple cases before the Supreme Court.

Hip-Hop—and America—Are Changing, Not for the Better

Hip-hop was rooted in politics and social justice and a diversity of voices. But now, at 50, has it become a minstrel show?

The Animals Are Talking. What Does It Mean?

Language was long understood as a human-only affair. New research suggests that isn’t so.

Is Devastated Libya a Glimpse of North Africa’s Future?

Storm Daniel was a Mediterranean hurricane that struck Greece, Bulgaria, Libya, Egypt and Turkey, killing thousands. Climatologists are struggling to understand whether this is a harbinger of North Africa's future.
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What Is Left

Bunkong Tuon Copper Nickel
A survivor of the American war in Cambodia, the poet Bunkong Tuon lives with ancestral ghosts and gratitude for what is left.


America’s Bee Problem Is an Us Problem

Lex Pryor The Ringer
You may have heard America’s honeybees are dying. But what does that mean for the people on the front lines—and what could it mean for what ends up on your plate?


Yellow Stars

Elizabeth Zelvin
“I will not be invisible,” writes NY poet Elizabeth Zelvin of her Jewish female identity, “I will not be herded/…I do not accept your yellow stars.”



Chicago Is About To End the Subminimum Wage

Branko Marcetic Jacobin
Brandon Johnson, the labor-backed mayor of Chicago, is poised to deliver his first major victory: scrapping the subminimum wage for tipped workers.


Bernie Sanders to UAW Rally: “We Refuse To Live in an Oligarchy”

Bernie Sanders Jacobin
Bernie Sanders headlined a United Auto Workers rally in Detroit on the first day of the strike, declaring that “every worker, white collar, blue collar, in between, has got to stand with the UAW in your struggle for justice.” We reprint his remarks


Here’s What Striking Autoworkers Are Fighting For

Jeff Schuhrke Working In These Times
The Big 3 automakers have made record profits in recent years. Now, union workers are calling for big raises, an end to tiers, a shorter work week and a just transition.

Friday nite video


Hannity Tonight | Parody

A Fox-themed parody of Steven Sondheim's Comedy Tonight, with lyrics by Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby


Long Knife | Documentary

Greg Palast’s brand new documentary Long Knife centers on the billion-dollar theft of oil from the Osage by Charles Koch and Koch Oil.