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New Hopes for Transplants

Findings point to improvements in organ transplants and raise questions over nature of death

The Fed Keeps Getting More Powerful. Bad for U.S.?

ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger interviews law professor Lev Menand about his new book critiquing the role of the Federal Reserve.

Africa-Western Colonialism vs Legacy of Soviet Union

Moscow - along with Beijing - is preparing for a long-term geopolitical confrontation in Africa.

Residents Exposed to Radiation Say ‘It’s Not Over’

A local factory was once the largest producer of thorium in the world. This fall, the “radioactive capital of the Midwest” is doing one last cleanup.

115,000 Railroad Workers Are Weighing a National Strike

US labor law is designed to prevent railroad strikes like the kind that shook America in the past. But the constant cuts to staffing levels and erosion of conditions for rail workers could produce a national rail walkoff by September.

Albert Woodfox, Imprisoned for 43 Years, Dies at 75

"The pebble that he threw in the pond became a ripple, became a wave. And so, this will carry him on into eternity," said fellow Angola Three Black Panther Robert King. "He won't be forgotten."

To Win a Revolution, We Need a New Mass Organization

Since Bernie Sanders’s defeat in 2020 and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US left has been largely disorganized. The time is ripe for Bernie and the Squad to create a new mass organization to confront today’s crises.

Hiroshima Day and the Current Danger of Nuclear War

During the cold war, armageddon was avoided by compromises which now seem to be rejected on principle by Nato states. This endangers us all. Only a stronger peace movement can counter militarism. All socialists should work to build such a movement.

Pro-Israel Lobby Drops Millions To Influence Elections

The way to stop AIPAC’s efforts, is to: 1) demand that the Democratic party do something to stop this theft of democracy; and 2) work like hell for the candidates who are pro-Palestine and beat the machine.

D.C. Requests National Guard in Response to Migrants

Volunteers, who have welcomed new arrivals with food and shelter draw comparisons between Republican governors and the D.C. mayor because they similarly punt towards the Biden administration. “Washingtonians are present, but their government is not."
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Guns ’n’ Roses

Patrick Daly
“I want to say their names,” says California poet Patrick Daly about children killed in the classroom, not as balm, but to stress our “obstinate coming back…the relentless heart.”


Recent Books of Note for Labor Activists

Labor Notes staff Labor Notes
A number of veteran organizers and labor journalists are publishing books this year that will be of interest to Labor Notes readers. Many of them participated in a "Meet the Author" session at the recent Labor Notes Conference.


Yascha Mounk’s Misguided War on Wokeness

Ian Beacock The New Republic
“The Great Experiment” flatters liberal readers that by expressing their distaste for cancel culture, they have become diverse democracy’s most gallant defenders.



NLRB Orders UMWA To Pay Strike Costs

United MIne Workers of America UMWA
NLRB demand for UMWA to pay Warrior Met Coal strike costs “outrageous,” threatens American workers’ right to strike


California Fast Food Workers Demand a Seat at the Table

Crown protested with raised fists and signs A bill - BA 257 - aimed to create a fast food sector council to set minimum industry standards on wages, working hours, health and safety and other working conditions - is expected to come before the senate appropriations committee on August 11.


Richmond City Workers Can Unionize, Following Council Vote

Patrick Larsen VPM NPR News
State legislation allowing cities and counties to adopt a collective bargaining ordinance took effect in Virginia in May 2021. Under the law, local employees can only organize and bargain if local government passes an initial agreement.


Meow Wolf Officially Recognizes Denver Union

Barbara Urzua 5280
After a successful contract was ratified between Meow Wolf and members of the Meow Wolf Workers Collective in Santa Fe, Convergence Station employees in Denver also unionized.


The Upstart Union Challenging Starbucks

E. Tammy Kim The New Yorker
Baristas nationwide are remarkably organized. Is the company’s C.E.O., Howard Schultz, using firings, store closures, and legal delays to thwart them?


In the Face of Federal Inaction, Local Governments Tackle Labor Issues

Mark Kreidler Capital and Main
Worker making a bed. Worker rights activists are turning to the local level to win protections that are not coming at the Federal level. “It’s not just the coasts..It’s happening in Denver, Chicago, the Twin Cities, smaller municipalities, larger municipalities."

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Archie Roach | Took The Children Away

Archibald William Roach (Jan. 8 1956 - July 30, 2022) was an Australian singer, songwriter and Aboriginal activist who campaigned for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


John Oliver: Mental Health Care

John Oliver discusses the cracks in our broken mental health care system, some of the inadequate ways we’ve tried to fill them, and what it all has to do with the gallbladder.


Saving Masafer Yatta

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled in May 2022 to expel the Palestinians living in the South Hebron Hills of the occupied West Bank, known as Masafer Yatta. They are appealing to the international community for help.


The Deadliest Virus on Earth

For over 4,000 years, the rabies virus has turned animals into angry beasts and humans into zombies. How it attacks us and how we fight back (cough -- vaccine).