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Friday Nite Videos | July 19, 2024

The GOP Wants Us To Forget. Delta's Illegal Union-Busting Habit. The Project 2025 Song. We Need to Rethink Exercise – The Workout Paradox. How Cults Use Language to Control | Otherwords.

Friday Nite Videos | July 19, 2024

The GOP Wants Us To Forget. Delta's Illegal Union-Busting Habit. The Project 2025 Song. We Need to Rethink Exercise – The Workout Paradox. How Cults Use Language to Control | Otherwords.

J.D. Vance Praised Alex Jones as a Truth-Teller

Vance may these remarkes in a private speech to the secretive Teneo Network. The GOP vice presidential nominee has been a member of the Leonard Leo-backed group, which seeks to cultivate conservative influence in business and culture.

A Party of Precarious Manhood Led by a Blithering Idiot

Trump’s acceptance speech was a mishmash of self-love, protestations of toughness, and prefabricated lies.

Believe Your Own Eyes

We are asked to believe that the debate was just one bad night, that presidents can have 90-minute stretches of befuddlement. We are asked to believe that this will not happen again. We are asked not to believe our own instincts, our own senses.

Long COVID Puzzle Pieces Are Falling Into Place

Important progress is being made in understanding the pathways by which long COVID wreaks havoc on the body. Studies suggest that an abnormal immune response may underlie long COVID. Removing these antibodies may hold promise as a treatment.

‘He’s Dangerous. So Is His Book.’

An Appalachian writer says Hillbilly Elegy played to bogus notions on the left and right about the impoverished region. The only thing that benefited was Vance’s political career.

Israeli Army Approval of Free-For-All Violence in Gaza

Israeli soldiers describe the near-total absence of firing regulations in the Gaza war, with troops shooting as they please, setting homes ablaze, and leaving corpses on the streets — all with their commanders’ permission.

Bernice Johnson Reagon, Sweet Honey In The Rock-R.I.P.

It is impossible to separate liberation struggles from song. And in the 1960s — at marches, and in jailhouses — the voice leading those songs was often Bernice Johnson Reagon. She died Tuesday at the age of 81.

Donald, You’re No Teddy Roosevelt

Since the shooting at Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania, pundits have gone from branding it "unprecedented" (which it's not) to comparing it to other incidents of political violence that have plagued our nation.
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Radioactive Radicals!

Paul Buhle Portside
Radioactive Radicals is a vivid, galvanizing portrait of two young radicals thrust into the whirlwind of revolutionary working-class politics from the 1960s to the present. Here is a whopper of a novel by any estimation.


Cause at Heart: Socialists & the Abolition of Antisemitism

Alan Wald Against the Current
In his omnibus review of these five books, reviewer Wald shows how these authors offer valuable insights into "how and why the abolition of both antisemitism and Zionism are presently intertwined."


Mocking Birds

Alison Luterman Rattle
California poet Alison Luterman wants to know why two antiques are running for the presidency while the talent of competent women is ignored, and it’s no joke.


Towards a Materialist Theory of Law

Rosie Woodhouse Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
This book, writes reviewer Woodhouse, "aims to revitalise Marxist legal theory that has lagged behind the disciplinary flourishing of Marxism elsewhere."



(Mostly) Useful Government Numbers About Poverty, Jobs, and Unemployment

Frank Stricker Dollars & Sense
The population of job-seekers is greater than the BLS’s unemployed population. It is closer to National Jobs for All Network’s (NJFAN) Full Count, which adds part-timers who want full-time work and people who want jobs but have not searched recently.


eBay Workers Are Playing the Union Card

Alex N. Press Jacobin
Workers at eBay subsidiary TCGplayer, an online trading card marketplace, picketed the company yesterday to protest alleged pregnancy discrimination against one of their own. More than a year after unionizing, they still don’t have a contract.

Friday nite video


The GOP Wants Us To Forget

Donald Trump accepts the GOP nomination in a rambling speech, following Hulk Hogan and Kid Rock


Delta's Illegal Union-Busting Habit

Delta cargo workers move thousands of pounds each day, in brutal heat and bitter cold, for low wages with little time off. Now they’re on the verge of a historic union victory.


The Project 2025 Song

After hearing Kevin Roberts of the right-wing Heritage Foundation talk about their Project 2025 plans for America, Mangy Fetlocks feared they might have a public relations problem