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Why Bernie Sanders Is Thanking Elon Musk

The Vermont senator said Musk has done "an exceptional job of demonstrating a point that we have made for years—and that is the fact we live in an oligarchic society."

Trump Is Trying To “Gaslight the Black Community”

Lusane says that “Donald Trump never has anything positive to say about the Black community,” and that his effort to showcase diversity at the RNC is to “gaslight the Black community.”

The Long Shadow of JD Vance’s Hillbilly Pathology

When I read Vance’s book as a person born and raised in Eastern Kentucky myself, something just didn’t seem right.

The Rise of the ‘Union Curious’

Support for unionization among America’s frontline workers

Global Left Midweek – July 17, 2024

Climate action is breaking out all over

How the Israeli Extreme Right Has Achieved Victory

The settler movement in the West Bank has been key to the rise of Israel's far right.

Biden To Unveil National Rent Control Plan

"The rent is too damn high—and rent control is a real fix," one group said, praising the proposal.

J.D. Vance Wants PDs To Track People Who Have Abortions

Trump’s vice presidential pick pressured regulators to let police access the records of people who cross state lines for abortions.

Teamsters President's Speech at Republican Convention

Sean O’Brien thanks ex-president for ‘opening RNC’s doors’, breaking with most major unions who have backed Biden

Dispatches From the Culture Wars – July 16, 2024

Bang! Now what?
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Cause at Heart: Socialists & the Abolition of Antisemitism

Alan Wald Against the Current
In his omnibus review of these five books, reviewer Wald shows how these authors offer valuable insights into "how and why the abolition of both antisemitism and Zionism are presently intertwined."


Mocking Birds

Alison Luterman Rattle
California poet Alison Luterman wants to know why two antiques are running for the presidency while the talent of competent women is ignored, and it’s no joke.


Towards a Materialist Theory of Law

Rosie Woodhouse Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
This book, writes reviewer Woodhouse, "aims to revitalise Marxist legal theory that has lagged behind the disciplinary flourishing of Marxism elsewhere."


The Bikeriders Is Running on Fumes

Eileen Jones Jacobin
Jeff Nichols’s The Bikeriders coasts on Austin Butler’s outlaw charm and an excellent performance from Tom Hardy. But neither can get this nostalgia piece into third gear.


New Map Captures Immigrant Influences on Food

Aviva Bechky San Francisco Chronicle
Stories of migration through food is a powerful way to challenge typical narratives; food can be a gateway to understanding where people come from. It’s a kind of portal to our memories.



eBay Workers Are Playing the Union Card

Alex N. Press Jacobin
Workers at eBay subsidiary TCGplayer, an online trading card marketplace, picketed the company yesterday to protest alleged pregnancy discrimination against one of their own. More than a year after unionizing, they still don’t have a contract.

Friday nite video


How to Replace Biden

Longtime Democratic National Committee member Jim Zogby proposes a process by which to pick a new nominee


Trump’s Second Term | John Oliver

John Oliver discusses Donald Trump’s plans for a second term, why it could be much worse than his first term, and what Trump has in common with a hamster