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Strategies for Antiwar Movement Impact this Summer

The antiwar movement now stands at a crossroads this summer, poised to become a transformative force for peace in a world wracked by violent conflict.

ADL Lobbies for Controversial Antisemitism Definition

Federal records show a dramatic spending increase that critics say is primarily intended to punish criticism of Israel and target pro-Palestinian groups

Governor of Texas Nods to White Supremacist Violence

Greg Abbott’s pardon is an attack on multiracial democracy.

Comstock Could Usher in a Nationwide Abortion Ban

The law named for Anthony Comstock drove abortion underground and banned contraception. Now conservatives are hoping to dust it off to make abortion pills and even the Pill illegal again.

Global Left Midweek – May 22, 2024

Burning questions

Don’t Arrest the Homeless - House Them!

A ruling in a case now under consideration by the U.S Supreme Court must show that those with no home to call their own must be met with compassion, not the cruelty of punishment.

This Isn’t the End for Mercedes Workers’ Fight

Opposed by management and politicians at every turn, Alabama Mercedes workers lost their union election yesterday. It’s a real setback — but the Mercedes workers say they won’t stop organizing until they get a union.

Trump Stepped on the Neck of the US Working Class.

The former president now seeking reelection had plenty of opportunities to raise wages or offer better worker protections. We know exactly what he did instead.

The Threat of Democracy on Campus at UMass

The real danger posed by the Gaza solidarity encampments is their attack on unfettered autocratic governance by university administrations and wealthy benefactors.

Dispatches From the Culture Wars – May 21, 2024

Fear on campus
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How the Black Meme Turns a Trope Into a Trap

Eileen Isagon Skyers Hyperallergic
Legacy Russell’s Black Meme argues that owning, replicating, and remediating Black material is a theft rooted in historical frameworks of subordination.


Safe Space

Carol Smith Radical Teacher
New Jersey teacher and poet, Carol Smith explains the hazards of racist content, subtle, accidental, sometimes deliberate.


Oh Say AOC

David Klion Bookforum
This new book is a chronicle of the Democratic Party’s left flank

The Food Blogger Cooking Through Gaza’s Hunger Crisis

Sarah Aziza Bon Appetit
In a refugee camp, Hamada Shaqoura turns aid packages into pizza wraps, curry, and “Gazan style” tacos, gaining internet-wide attention. On Instagram, he offers the world a glimpse into the scarcity and ingenuity that define Palestinian survival.



Labor Federation Denounces Arrests at UMass

Western Massachusetts Area Labor Federation Portside
Chancellor Reyes and the police violated the constitutional First Amendment rights to free speech, freedom to assemble, and freedom to petition the Government for a redress of grievances;


The Art of the Green New Deal

Benjamin Y. Fong Jacobin
Jobs to Move America is pioneering an innovative labor strategy that turns public investments in green infrastructure and manufacturing into opportunities for union organizing and better working conditions.


“American Lessons” From the Labor Notes 2024 Conference

Salvo Leonardi Stansbury Forum
The key to this grassroots unionism lies in the connection between organizing and collective bargaining aimed at improvements in wages, working and living conditions. What was striking, from an Italian viewpoint, was the lack of political discussion.

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