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The MAGA storming of the Capitol is one year old. The attempted coup is still happening. The reshaping of the Republican Party as an insurrectionary force and the expansion of armed gangs aim to smash democracy. Please help us to inform, to mobilize and to inspire the forces of multi-racial, radical, inclusive democracy to defeat this threat in 2022.


Yes, There Were 10 Good Things About 2021

Medea Benjamin Common Dreams
It was, indeed, a disastrous year, but we do have some reasons to cheer -- and if we could win victories in a year as bad as 2021, just think what we can accomplish in 2022. 

Constitutional Issues that Underlay the Roe vs. Wade Decision

Judith Truesdell Greenfield Recorder (MA)
The push to abolish abortions stems from a moral judgement that pre-born babies are human beings with a right to life. The first amendment of the Constitution prohibits establishment of religion.

Reproductive Justice is Economic Justice

Lee Saunders and Elissa McBride AFSCME
We reject the efforts of legislators in states across the country to abolish the right to make one’s own decisions regarding their bodies, their health care, their families and their futures

American Views on Abortion

Hannah Hartig Pew Research Center
About six-in-ten Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.
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