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Tidbits - Aug. 22, 2019 - Reader Comments: Israel Bans Omar and Tlaib; 'Political Center'-Dangerous Myth; Trump's Union Crowd?; NAACP for Impeachment; Emma Lazarus; Immigrant Labor; Trump Copying Hitler; New Resource: The 1619 Project; more....

Reader Comments: Israel Bans Omar and Tlaib; 'Political Center' a Dangerous Myth; Trump's Union Crowd?; NAACP for Impeachment; Emma Lazarus; Immigrant Labor; Trump Copying Hitler; New Resource: The 1619 Project; Announcements; and more....

Fascist Forces are Growing Support in Germany

Victor Grossman Portside
Germany today, the right-wing AfD cries out, sounding like Adolf Hitler: 'Panicked nightmares are increasing in our land, especially unfortunately among blonde women! And this in our own country. It is insufferable!" And they are winning elections!

They Are Concentration Camps — and They Are Also Prisons

Maya Schenwar & Kelly Hayes Truthout
We must hold these dual, overlapping realities in our minds, as we strive to comprehend the interrelated horrors to which the United States — not just Trump, but the United States — subjects millions of people every day.

German History and Trump's Enablers

Richard E. Frankel History News Network
One of the most important lessons that German history has to offer is less about Hitler than about those around him, many of whom were not even Nazis. The enablers also bear responsibility.

A Subversive Bull: Robert Lawson and The Story of Ferdinand

Philip Kennedy Illustration Chronicles
Published by Viking Press in 1936, the release of Ferdinand came during the era of the Great Depression. That year also saw the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. In light of these events, Ferdinand started to take on a much greater significance. Ferdinand, the bull presented a Spanish character who stood out from society and refused to fight. Those who supported the violent uprising that was led by Francisco Franco viewed it as pacifist propaganda and they banned its publication.

Why Time's Trump Cover Is a Subversive Work of Political Art

Jake Romm Jewish Daily Forward
Time Magazine is clear on its sole criterion - 'the person who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year.' For clues as to how Time feels about that question - is it 'better or worse?' - we can look to the image chosen for the cover of the issue. Time's decisions regarding how to photograph Trump reveal a layered, nuanced field of references that place the image among the magazine's greatest covers.

Media Have Misjudged Fascists Before

John Broich The Conversation
Not long before Mussolini and Hitler came to power, much of the US press believed that power would "moderate" them, or considered them something of a joke. Are we seeing similar mistakes today?


1936: The Worst Olympic Games Ever (So far)

Simon Barnes New Statesman
As the Olympic Games go, the reviewer says, it's time to ask the big question: which were the worst Olympics ever? David Goldblatt's The Games is a history of the tarnished Olympics, from Avery Brundage to, yes, London 2012. The evidence shows indisputably that it was Hitler's Berlin games of 1936, which set the stage for spectacle and nationalist-racialist sentiment.
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