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Barcelona’s Experiment in Radical Democracy

Masha Gessen The New Yorker
Issues that Barcelona en Comú is tackling come up against limitations set by Catalan and Spanish law. The city lacks authority to regulate housing, although the city has created new affordable housing, has successfully limited the reach of Airbnb...

It’s Time to Build New, Mixed-Income Public Housing

Tanner Howard Shelterforce
large public housing building Is today the time to fight for public housing in the United States? That’s the argument of “Social Housing in the United States,” a new report published by the People’s Policy Project, an independent think tank.


Right To The City Right To The City
September's #RenterWeekOfAction made clear that the new 21st century renter movement is organized, coordinated & visionary. As renters from small rural towns to large urban centers continue to be squeezed by rising rents and low wages as resurgent renter-led movement is uniting around a city and state strategy to build power from below, win universal rent control, and advance a vision of community control over land, housing and development.

Renter Week of Action and Political Education!

Homes For All Homes for All
This September join thousands of renters for bold and powerful actions across the country to stand up for our communities, defend our homes and fight for a world where all people have dignified and affordable homes!

Unable to Afford Decent Housing? Welcome to the Club

Ijeoma Oluo The Guardian
Low-income people have been dealing with the U.S. housing crisis for decades; now the problem is working its way up the income ladder. Many who thought themselves comfortably ensconced in the so-called middle class are now confronting the prohibitive cost of housing. Decent housing is out of the reach of so many. And we need comprehensive housing reform, real living wages, and a reinvestment in the social safety net because it has been a crisis for so very long.

Renter Nation!

Right To The City Right To The City
Building off the momentum and power of 2016, we’re excited to announce the 2017 Renter Nation Series: Strategies and Solutions to defend against displacement and build rebel cities for the people and planet.
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