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Left Unions Were Repressed Because They Threatened Capital

Victor G. Devinatz Jacobin
During the 20th century’s two red scares in US and Canada, Wobblies and Communist-aligned unions faced fierce repression from employers and government. They were targeted because they were seen as posing a real threat to the capitalist social order.


At MLK Conference, Unionists Strategize on Organizing the South

Mark Gruenberg People's world
Unionists at the AFL-CIO’s annual Martin Luther King conference, held January 12-14 in Montgomery, Ala., tackled what one panelist called a decades-long problem for the labor movement: Organizing the South.

Ambition, Yall – Everyone Please Get on UAW’s Level

Hamilton Nolan How Things Work
Modest goals won’t get us where we need to go. We need to think big. The labor movement needs, before anything, genuine ambition for a new America...We need labor leaders who see their jobs as climbing mountains no matter how high they are.


Union and Queer

Jim Grossfeld The American Prospect
The growing solidarity between unions and the LGBTQ+ community is key component of the revitalization of the labor movement.

One Big Union

Michael Kazin The Nation
The Red Scare and the fall of the IWW. A new history examines the lost promise and fierce persecution of the IWW.
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