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Nomadland Turns American Iconography Inside Out

Alissa Wilkinson Vox
Nomadland is a piercing look into a country that’s becoming less and less inhabitable for its older men and women, and more stingy about who gets to dream. And, fundamentally, it’s a poignant portrait of a broken heart.


Who Cares? Now, All of Us Must

Ai-jen Poo The New York Review of Books
Domestic work and care work have historically been underpaid and overlooked, and the fact that even today this labor is often referred to as “help” rather than conceived as professional labor betrays the long devaluation of women’s work. T


The Impatient Patient

Scott McLemee Inside Higher Ed
Medicine has grown so powerful and so profitable procedures go unquestioned. Many tests detect something worthy of follow-up -- procedures sometimes dubious, all to the point of extending life without regard to its quality. Stealing a march on every medical vulnerability as you age can boomerang.

To Stay Young, Kill Zombie Cells

Megan Scudellari Nature
Killing off cells that refuse to die on their own has proved a powerful anti-ageing strategy in mice. Now it's about to be tested in humans.

The U.S. Working Class - Two Quick Snapshots

Robert E. Scott and David Cooper / Cherrie Bucknor and Dean EPI / CEPR
1) Still Working Hard: An Update on the Share of Older Workers in Physically Demanding Jobs 2) Almost Two-Thirds of People in the Labor Force Do Not Have A College Degree

White House Conference on Aging Emphasizes Private-Sector Solutions for Elderly

Paul Kleyman New America Media
The goal of strengthening Social Security was only one of the prime liberal issues barely audible from the East Room stage at the July 13 conference. But there was an undercurrent of concern over the prominence of commercial interests on the day’s agenda. Liberal leaders on Social Security have expressed frustration at the president’s “neglect” of calls to increase benefits for the most vulnerable seniors, especially ethnic elders and women.

Stop Killing the Elderly With Kindness

Travis Saunders Public Library of Science Blogs
If you take a healthy 20 year-old, force them to sit all day, and refuse to let them do any physical labor out of fear they might hurt themself, it would cause them to “age” extremely rapidly. We need to promote more, not less physical activity for our elders. The next time you consider telling your grandmother to sit down, think about whether that’s really in her best interest.
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