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Friday Nite Videos | December 8, 2017

Obama Invokes Nazi Germany in Warning to US. Preacher Jack - Boogie Woogie. Rachel Maddow Lifts Curtain on DNC Hacks. Alabama Women Divided on Roy Moore. Reporting on Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore | How to Be a Journalist.

How Doug Jones Can Win

Jamelle Bouie Slate
To pull off the upset, he’ll need to convert white voters.

Tidbits - November 16, 2017 - Reader Comments: Sexual Predator on the loose in Alabama; North Carolina Black Church vandalized; Worker Abuse, Sexual Abuse; Russian Revolution; Muslim Ban - new resource; Announcements; and more....

Reader Comments: Sexual Predator Against Prosecutor of KKK in Alabama; North Carolina church vandalized this week by KKK; Picketing Kennedy White House against nuclear weapons; Worker Abuse and Sexual Abuse; Looking back - 100th Anniversary of Russian Revolution; Readers catch errors in Portside posts; How Should Progressive Talk About Muslim Ban - new resource; Announcements - New York City politics; Anti-Semitism today; Asian dance benefit for Puerto Rico; and more..

Too Poor to Vote: How Alabama's 'New Poll Tax' Bars Thousands of People from Voting

Connor Sheets
In nine states from Nevada to Tennessee, anyone who has lost been imprisoned and lost thier right to vote, cannot regain it until they pay off any outstanding court fines, legal fees and victim restitution. In Alabama, that requirement has fostered an underclass of thousands of people who are unable to vote because they do not have enough money.

Alabama Rising

Joe Keffer The Stansbury Forum
Birmingham, Alabama, 74% African-American, with 47 % of its children living in poverty passed a minimun wage bill to take effect this March. Republican in the State House passed legislation to undue the measure, taking away the right of local juristiction to enact labor ordinances that impact workers. As a result, 42,000 low-wage workers in Birmingham lost wages increases. Now workers are fighting back with a state-wide Living Wage campaign.

Tidbits - September 10, 2015 - GOP, Trump and Appeal to Reaction; No Union Mines in Kentucky; Black Panther Party film; Alabama's Black Communists and #BLM; New Resource: Black Lives Matter Syllabus; and more...

Reader Comments: The GOP, Trump and the Appeal to Reaction; No Union Mines in Kentucky; Black Panther Party film; Lessons from Alabama's Black Communists and the #BLM; Indigenous People's History of the United States; Serena Williams; Climate Change and Workers; New Resource: Black Lives Matter Syllabus; Livestream Sept. 18: Unions, Workers, and the Democratic Party

Jefferson Davis Day in Alabama

Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States of America. How do you proclaim your love for America and then yearn for the days when you weren't part of it?

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