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War and Peace

Victor Grossman Berlin Bulletin
The decades of efforts by people on all continents to ease tensions between the three greatest powers, to work for a friendlier, ecologically improving world of peace has been set back for years, perhaps for decades. We need an anti-fascist, anti-militarist voice for people’s rights.

Looking for the Casus Belli to Justify War in Ukraine

Tommaso Di Francesco Il Manifesto Global
What is the pretext that the US and NATO are looking for? Because it seems clear that the climate of uncertainty, in this dangerous moment, is rife for precisely such a pretextual scenario.

The Radical Printmaking of Käthe Kollwitz

Billy Anania Jacobin
Käthe Kollwitz was a radical printmaker with deep political commitments. From the last days of the German Empire until the end of the Third Reich, she gave visual expression to workers’ rebellion and loss, never losing hope in the socialist world to
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