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Vintage Comics Against War

Paul Buhle Monthly Review Online
The Unknown Anti-War Comics. Edited by Craig Yoe. San Diego: IDW Books, 2018. 233pp, $29.99.

The New Congress Needs to Create a Green Planet at Peace

Medea Benjamin and Alice Slate World Beyond War
Just as we are witnessing a rising movement for a visionary Green New Deal, so, too, the time has come for a New Peace Deal that repudiates endless war and the threat of nuclear war...

The Revolt in the Trenches

Jana Tsoneva Jacobin
One year after the Bolsheviks ended Russia’s participation in World War I, revolutionary soldiers in Bulgaria forced their government to do the same.

Revolution in the Air: Lessons from the 1960s

Max Elbaum Comparative and Historical Sociology
In this piece, I want to discuss the political climate and experience of revolutionaries of the 1960s to better understand today’s political landscape and what I think could be some useful directions forward for the battles we are engaged in now.

The Best Way to Honor Our Vets and Protect Americans? End the Wars

Rev. William Barber Jr. and Phyllis Bennis InsideSources
The cost of our military is creating a national moral crisis, where our priorities are skewed, vulnerable communities are threatened, and our veterans aren’t being honored. This year, let’s honor them with action. Let’s end the wars.

Protest the War Economy, Militarism, Gun Violence and Nuclear Weapons

United for Peace and Justice United for Peace and Justice
anti-war demonstration This Memorial Day weekend we need to focus on the crisis of militarism and war that plagues humanity on planet Earth. As Martin Luther King, Jr. so eloquently said decades ago, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”


Siren Song

Roy J. Adams
With current media celebrating the role of the soldier, US Army veteran/poet Roy J. Adams offers an ironic antidote.
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