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“Against Muslims Today Means Against Jews Again Tomorrow”

Iris Hefets and Nadija Samour The Left Berlin
Normalisation and full support in word and deed of Israeli settlement colonialism, apartheid and military occupation of Palestinian territories have paved the way for Germany to once again be involved as a world political superpower.

This Week in People’s History, June 20 . . .

President Reagan giving a speech about smuggling arms to the Contras CIA impunity in 1988. U.S. imperialism's baby steps in 1898. Free speech for Nazis in 1978. U.S. responsibility for Vietnam War in 1971. Smallpox-infected presents in 1763. Voting wrongs, not rights, in 2013. Haymarket prisoners pardoned in 1893.

We Ignore Robert F Kennedy Jr’s Candidacy at Our Peril

Naomi Klein The Guardian
If recent developments in the Kennedy campaign have demonstrated anything, it’s that denial is not a viable political strategy. His sycophantic treatment of Elon Musk is about as un-populist as a person can get...
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