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Florida Teachers Besieged by Draconian Laws

Steven Greenhouse The Guardian
Teachers say they’re feeling more disrespected, unappreciated and under attack than ever before by new laws championed by Governor Ron DeSantis

Government Employees Union Sues Yellen, Biden Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Debt Limit Law

Zach Schonfeld The Hill
“Unless and until the Debt Limit Statute is amended or revised to allow Congress to determine the priority of payments among specific programs once the limit is reached, members of Plaintiff NAGE will suffer irreparable injury from layoffs, furloughs, and loss of employment that are taken without any legitimate authority by the President"

‘We’re Not Slowing Down,’ Student Workers Say

Liam Knox Inside Higher Ed
Undergraduate workers are winning collective bargaining rights, making student unions increasingly common. They’re driven by the pandemic, pro-union sentiment and each other.

Teamsters Begin Major Amazon Fight

Luis Feliz Leon American Prospect
A group of unionized delivery drivers in Palmdale, California, could open new possibilities for a legal challenge to Amazon’s subcontracting model.