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The UAW’s 2028 National Strike Should Center Medicare for All

United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain has called on unions to come together for a national strike in 2028. This is a radical idea — and elevating Medicare for All as a central demand would give workers across sectors a reason to join in.

Ron Carey’s Lessons in Labor Movement Reform

Steve Early Rand Wilson Jacobin
The late and legendary Teamsters reform leader Ron Carey briefly succeeded in a monumental task: turning around a corrupt and conservative union. Today’s aspiring reformers looking to revitalize their own unions can learn from his career.

Worker-to-Worker Unionism: A Model for Labor To Scale Up

Eric Blanc Jacobin
At the heart of the current uptick in union organizing at companies like Starbucks has been “worker-to-worker unionism.” That model could be key to scaling up organizing and revitalizing the labor movement.

UMWA Joins Fight Against Landfill

Shawn Street UMWA
Placing a landfill on this site [Moss 3 Preparation Plant occupied by miners during 1989 Pittston strike] is a snub to not only those surviving workers but Russell County’s proud labor heritage.