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Journalist Casualties in the Israel-Gaza War

CPJ Committee to Protect Journalists CPJ Committee to Protect Journalists
“.......journalists have been paying the highest price— their lives—to defend our right to the truth. Each time a journalist dies or is injured, we lose a fragment of that truth,” said CPJ Program Director Carlos Martínez de la Serna.

A Valedictory Recommendation for What Unions Need To Do

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Taylor voiced both a cautious optimism about his union’s trajectory, and some frustration at the labor movement’s hesitation to exploit the unusually pro-union climate now abroad in the land.

The UAW’s Victory Can Serve as a Model

Steven Greenhouse Century Foundation
How did the UAW pull off its big Southern victory, the first time a union has succeeded in organizing a foreign-owned auto plant in the South? The UAW and Shawn Fain pursued five basic strategies to achieve this victory, and those steps could serve

Workplace Militancy Isn’t Enough for Labor

Bob Master Jacobin
The uptick in high-profile strikes in recent years has been heartening. But sustaining and expanding the gains won by that militancy will require careful strategizing and deep political engagement that starts with but goes beyond the shop floor.

Antitax Nation

David Cay Johnston American Prospect
Michael Graetz’s new book explains how clever marketing duped America into shoveling more tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.

Militancy—and Beyond

Bob Master Convergence
Millions of non-union workers took notice of the 2023 strike wave. But moving from a year of high-profile strikes to building working class political power, let alone transforming US politics, will not happen automatically.

UAW Wins Organizing Election at VW Tennessee Plant

Luke Ramseth Detroit News
The United Auto Workers achieved a historic organizing victory Friday night at a Volkswagen AG plant in Tennessee plant as workers voted overwhelmingly to join the union following a three-day election.