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U.S. Adults See Decline of Union Membership As Bad

Ted Van Green Pew Research
Majorities of Americans continue to see the long-term decline in the share of workers represented by unions as a bad thing for both the country and working people in the United States, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted from March 27 to April 2.

How Do We Develop Strategies That Help Workers in Struggle Win?

Stewart Acuff Portside
How do we use organizing for collective power and solidarity, to win steps toward new power over our own lives? Labor Power and Strategy is a compelling take on this question, and the dialogue between organizers and educators is the kind of far reaching discussion we need to advance our workers movement.

Working Ourselves to Death: Why Increasing the Retirement Age Is Bad

Christopher R Martin Working-Class Perspectives
Raising the retirement age isn’t just about having the “best years of retirement be stolen,” as French protesters have warned. It’s about fairness and not putting years more of the nation’s labor burden on the working class. Next time the government moves to raise the retirement age, we should follow the French example to protest and proclaim, “It’s a No.”

Rolling Back “Right-To-Work” in States

Barry Eidlin Jacobin
Michigan’s repeal of its “right-to-work” law could be a huge boon to labor — not because a flood of new members will instantly join unions, but because the entire country is hearing the message that the state will not tolerate flagrant union busting.