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Can Labor Seize Its ‘Movement Moment’?

Rand Wilson and Peter Olney Stansbury Forum
If we agree that a revived labor movement—and more worker organizing—is essential to combat the far right or tackle economic inequality, then we can’t wait for union treasuries to open. It’s imperative to unite as much of the labor movement as possible with a broader Left to defend our entire democracy.

TSMC Snubs Phoenix Construction Workers

Lee Harris American Prospect
They’d rather import non-union workers who would be paid a subpar wage than even have a conversation with the unions," said Aaron Butler, president of Arizona’s Building and Construction Trades Council.

A Four-Day Workweek Trojan Horse

Adam Barrington Labor Notes
Management’s four-day workweek proposal delivers a two-fold blow to workers: It allows them to manipulate our contract without negotiating with us, and it distracts from the question of higher wages.

Auto Workers Convention Lurches Towards Reversing Concessions

Keith Brower Brown and Jane Slaughter Labor Notes
With the election breakthrough by a rank-and-file caucus, the UAW is set for a landmark test of how union reformers, both at the very top and in the ranks, will be able to turn the course of a major industrial union.