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Can the UAW Rise Again?

Alex N. Press Jacobin
Despite the ravages of deindustrialization, the United Auto Workers remain the US’s most important industrial union. Members recently elected a new leadership promising democracy, militancy, and an end to corruption. But change isn’t coming easy to the UAW.

Employers Spend More Than $400 Million on Union Busting

Celine McNicholas, Margaret Poydock, Samantha Sanders, and Ben Zipperer Economic Policy Institute
While the law requires employers and consultants to disclose their union-avoidance agreements, it provides an important exception when the consultant is merely providing the employer with “advice”.

The Dangers of Being a Female Rideshare Driver in Jakarta

Photo of a woman on a motor bike.
In Jakarta, women take to the roads out of desperation. Drivers for ride-hailing platforms have a tough gig. For women in Indonesia, gender norms can mean they’re demeaned, and still carry responsibility for the household when they get home.

The Class Struggle With Tommy and Gina

Eric Dirnbach Eric Dirnbach
Bon Jovi’s hit “Livin’ on a Prayer” is an anthem about working class survival. But it also contains a deeper message about class struggle.