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To Defeat the Far Right, We Must Build From the Bottom Up

Luis Feliz Leon Convergence
The movement to defeat the Far Right must include immigrant workers and members of other oppressed groups, working through their own independent and durable mass organizations rooted in workplaces and neighborhoods.

Unions Can’t Be Rebuilt Piecemeal. We Need To Go Big.

The 1930s rise of the Congress of Industrial Organizations led to millions of people being union members for the first time. The lesson of the CIO is that it’s necessary to harness the collective power of the working class on a grand scale.

The UAW Has Set Its Sights on the Anti-Union South

Alex N. Press Jacobin
Photo taken from up high of a crowd of UAW Women
The South has long remained a nearly impenetrable citadel for labor. Fresh off of the success of its Big Three strike last year and looking to organize an Alabama Mercedes plant, the United Auto Workers wants to storm the castle.

Strikes Are Meant To Be Disruptive

David Moscrop Jacobin
Critics of new anti-scab legislation in Canada are worried about the ability to “get things done.” But halting production is the very purpose of strikes — to create disruptions that force bosses to negotiate.