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Ron Carey’s Lessons in Labor Movement Reform

Steve Early Rand Wilson Jacobin
The late and legendary Teamsters reform leader Ron Carey briefly succeeded in a monumental task: turning around a corrupt and conservative union. Today’s aspiring reformers looking to revitalize their own unions can learn from his career.

Worker-to-Worker Unionism: A Model for Labor To Scale Up

Eric Blanc Jacobin
At the heart of the current uptick in union organizing at companies like Starbucks has been “worker-to-worker unionism.” That model could be key to scaling up organizing and revitalizing the labor movement.

UMWA Joins Fight Against Landfill

Shawn Street UMWA
Placing a landfill on this site [Moss 3 Preparation Plant occupied by miners during 1989 Pittston strike] is a snub to not only those surviving workers but Russell County’s proud labor heritage.

AFSCME’s DC 37 Retirees Hearing Didn’t Settle Anything…

Joe Maniscalco Work-Bites
The Judicial Panel hearing ostensibly called to decide if AFSCME President Lee Saunders acted appropriately in taking over control of the DC 37 Retirees Association and suspending its officers in February has only sparked more questions.

Boeing Back in Bargaining – First Time in 16 Years

Don McIntosh Northwest Labor Press
Boeing was never cuddly, but old-timers remember a company led by engineers with an uncompromising focus on quality. In recent decades, leaders have shifted attention to stock buybacks and schemes to squeeze concessions out of workers and taxpayers.

Tennessee Volkswagen Workers Have Filed for a Union Election

Luis Feliz Leon Jacobin
After the UAW’s stand-up strike against the Big 3, the union pledged to embark on an aggressive campaign to organize nonunion automakers. Today, the UAW announced it is filing an election at the Chattanooga, Tennessee, Volkswagen plant.

Hollywood Unions Are Back at the Bargaining Table

Alex N. Press Jacobin
Two major strikes by Hollywood writers and actors dominated headlines last year. Only months after the strikes’ end, contract negotiations are now underway for the entertainment industry’s crew members — and the possibility of a strike is not off the