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The Unionization Wave Is Hitting Costco

Fernando Perez interviewed by Luis Feliz Leon Jacobin
Costco workers in Norfolk, Virginia, recently unionized, defying the company’s reputation as one that cares about workers. In an interview, a Costco worker says he and his coworkers are tired of being treated with disrespect on the job.

Would-Be Assassins of Democracy, 2024

Portside Moderators Portside
Trump lawyers assert, in court, that as president he would have the right to assassinate political opponents. The GOP is flat-out embracing insurrectionists. Here is how we – Portside moderators – assess the danger to democracy. And how you can help.

Teamsters Union Chief Meets Trump

Alice Herman The Guardian
Leftwing members of 1.3m-strong labor union unhappy with Sean O’Brien for private meeting with Republican frontrunner