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Inside the Supreme Court Case That Could Chill a U.S. Strike Wave

Steve Wishnia Work-Bites
Photo of strike signs on sticks with workers hands leaning on them.
The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Glacier Northwest v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 174 on Jan. 10. Justices Alito and Thomas might want to use this case to narrow what is considered “protected activity”. That would follow the pattern of the 2018 Janus v. AFSCME decision, which was preceded by another case where Alito disputed the 1977 precedent that public-sector unions may charge nonmembers fees for the costs of representing them.

Howard Brown Health Wants To Lay Off 60 New Union Members

Peter Lucas Jacobin
Howard Brown Health Center is well known as an LGBTQ-focused health provider and a stalwart Chicago progressive institution. Workers say that on the heels of their recent unionization, management is laying off 60 workers.

Video Game Testers Approve the First Union at Microsoft

Ayana Archie NPR
A group of video game testers at Microsoft have formed the tech giant's first union, and Microsoft has signed off on it, according to Communications Workers of America, which represents the employees.

Microsoft Gets Its First Gaming Union, Largest in North America

Shannon Liao The Washington Post
The gaming industry has seen a wave of unionization efforts in recent years. Quality assurance testers at ZeniMax Studios pushed to unionize, saying labor issues such as low wages and long hours drove them to organize.

US Workers Need a Federal Paid Sick Leave Guarantee

Adam Tomasi Jacobin
Workers nationwide lack a federal guarantee of paid sick leave in the United States. Establishing a federal paid sick leave guarantee would improve the lives of all American workers — railworkers included.

Biggest Contracts Expiring in 2023

Dan DiMaggio Labor Notes
Negotiations will take place in 2023 for some of the biggest contracts in the labor movement, including at UPS and the Big Three automakers.

Labor Stories of the Year

In These Times Editors Working in These Times
Chris Smalls in the foreground with a megaphone with a rally of workers behind him.
The year has been characterized by incredible solidarity, as Starbucks and Amazon workers challenged our conceptions of political possibility and galvanized a resurgent labor movement. It was a year of taking power to task, from the fearless Warrior Met strike to the militance of worker-led, independent union drives at Amazon, Trader Joe's and Chipotle.

Older Workers Shouldn’t Have To Live in Poverty

Teresa Ghilarducci and Teresa Ghilarducci The Progressive
Most middle and lower wage older workers are not able to retire and must work to avoid poverty and maintain living standards. For work to be a bulwark against old age poverty, work must be decent, and work and retirement policy must be compatible.