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Peter Neil Carroll This Land, These People: The 50 States
Approaching the 3rd anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, the crisis of race relations remains contested ground, even in liberal states like Minnesota.

‘Plan 75’ Review: Haunting Japanese Heartbreaker Imagines a Dystopia That Could Start Any Day Now

David Erlich IndieWire
Chie Hayakawa's raw and sobering debut imagines a near-future Japan in which the elderly are encouraged to volunteer for euthanization. The scariest thing about Hayakawa’s film isn’t its familiar depiction of a society that privileges human output over human dignity, but rather its soft dystopian sketch of a society that’s able to soft-shoe around dehumanization and/or sell it as an act of grace.

I Am Not a Robot

Lisa Allen Ortiz Bennington Review
Not a robot, suggests poet Lisa Allen Ortiz. Prove it and she deftly does.

The Sweet History of Lemonade

Anne Ewbank Atlas Obscura
Lemonade became an emblem of the temperance movement. Lucy Webb Hayes, First Lady from 1877 to 1881, bore the nickname “Lemonade Lucy” for her refusal to serve alcohol in the White House.