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Welcome to the Era of Garbage Film and Television Streaming

David Moscrop Jacobin
Private equity and monopoly capitalists will destroy anything to make a buck, and they’ve turned their sights on TV and film. If you hated cable’s high prices, endless ads, and copycat programming, you’re going to loathe the future of streaming.

Memorial Day

Joe Zaccardi
For California poet Joe Zaccardi our holiday of memory brings back wartime scenes of flying and hope of rescue.

Ladders Last a Long Time

Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite London Review of Books
A collection of essays by Raphael Samuel, the late historian who was one of the intellectual founders of the New Left in the United Kingdom.

Becoming Educated

Joanne Durham Vox Populi
The grief of today’s wars, North Carolina poet Joanne Durham reminds us, falls heaviest on the children of the victims.