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Yes, I Am Latina. And No, I Am Not Mexican

Rafaella Daumas Cultural Daily
“I am Latina,” insists poet Rafaellla Daumas. “And I am not another curiosity to be stared at/ And I am not just another stereotype.”

Please Eat in the Library

Mackenzie Filson Taste Magazine
Increasingly, libraries offer more than just a place to take a break between using fast and free internet and researching ancient Martian glaciers. They’re stocked with cafés and wine bars (yes, really!) that encourage lingering with a culinary experience all their own.


Dee Allen The Seattle Star
Eco poetry: California poet Dee Allen looks back and forward to the fight to save the South Atlanta forests.

Losing by Not Winning

Shehryar Fazli Los Angeles Review of Books
Reviewer Fazli examines this new History of the Democratic Party, written by a former editor of Dissent magazine.

Remembering Paul Robeson: ‘I Had No Alternative’

Paul Von Blom The Progressive
125 years after his birth, Paul Robeson, the civil rights titan, remains a role model for battling racism and fascism. The words written on his gravestone: “The artist must elect to fight for freedom or slavery. I have made my choice. I had no alternative.”

‘Dead Ringers’ Skewers the Grim Realties of Gynecological Care

Audra Heinrichs Jezebel
Dead Ringers, which premieres on Friday, is subversive, sometimes shockingly gory, and a needful skewering of the U.S. medical system, the unethically wealthy, and perhaps most of all, the women society lauds as the arbiters of feminism.