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Josh Lefkowitz Rattle
Colorado poet Josh Lefkowitz reads the writing on the wall, asking what it means.

The Folly of Censoring “Joyland,” a Sublime Film About Family

Mohammed Hanif The New Yorker
A new movie from the director Saim Sadiq, "Joyland", Pakisitan's 2023 Oscar entry, depicts queer love against the backdrop of a Pakistani household and feels as familiar as our families are to us here.The film follows a man who gets a job in a burlesque show and falls in love with a trans woman. Banned in Pakistan, “Joyland” earned accolades at the Cannes Film Festival.

Demystifying the US Farm Bill

Miranda Lipton Modern Farmer
While the farm bill may seem too dense to digest, its contents underpin the functioning of the American food and agriculture system, which directly impacts how and what we eat.

No Regrets

W.D. Ehrhart
The poet W.D. Ehrhart, veteran of both the Marines and Vietnam Veterans Against the War asks seriously, how can people like Henry Kissinger claim a lifetime of “no regrets”?

Sex and the State

Sex and the State Dissent
Paisley Currah’s Sex Is as Sex Does raises questions about efforts to achieve equal recognition under laws that sanction repression and inequality.

What These Imitation Foods Are Actually Made Of

Brian Boone The Daily Meal
In order to get as many people as possible to buy their products, food companies often employ labeling which is misleading. A high number of commonly purchased items are actually other, less attractive, cheaper, or lab-created foods in disguise.