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What Do John Gotti and Donald Trump Have in Common?

Bill Fletcher, Jr. Liberation Road
" Wouldn’t people have understood precisely who he was?  The answer is simple:  Yes, they understood who he was, and they did not care--until two things happened. First, he fell out of style. And second, the brutality of the man became undeniable."

Iowa Requiem, 2018

Peter Neil Carroll
Peter Carroll’s visit to Perry, Iowa gives no warning of sudden violence that occurred there this week, except for feelings of despair that might afflict a troubled young man with nowhere to go.

The Vegan School Lunch

Jesse Hirsch Ambrook Research
In the popular imagination, vegan school lunch may seem like the exclusive provenance of big cities like New York, but the tide appears to have shifted significantly in much of the country.

Persistent Moon

Carol Kanter
Chicago poet Carol Kanter offers a poem of peace, an alternative to “rage…offense…”