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Occoquan’s Nights of Terror

Philip C. Kolin
In this week of International Women’s Day, poet Philip C. Kolin remembers the courage of US women in demanding the right to vote.

The Left Should Defend Classical Education

Liza Featherstone Jacobin
The great books aren’t just a collection of “dead white males,” and teaching or reading them isn’t elitist or Eurocentric. On the contrary, they are a treasure that should be made available and accessible to working-class people everywhere.

‘Justice’ Review: Brett Kavanaugh Doc Should Compel FBI To Reopen Investigation

Christian Blauvelt IndieWire
Doug Liman’s “Justice,” a breathtaking documentary about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s silenced sexual assault accusers, goes a long way to proving the reality of the fears at the heart of this particular case. Mainly, that there was such a desire at several levels of government to see Kavanaugh on the bench that due diligence wasn’t followed, and barely even attempted. A compelling piece of journalism.

My California

Beau Beausoleil 03
Back in the Sixties, a young Black activist Rap Brown said “violence is as American as cherry pie” and see now how much has not changed.