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Putinism’s Defeated Opposition

Aleksandra Simonova Dissent
In a new collection, Ilya Budraitskis provides a trenchant analysis of the ideological underpinnings of Putin’s Russia and the domestic political groups that have opposed his government.

'Women Talking’ Review: Sarah Polley’s Electric Drama Is an Urgent Vision of How To Remake Our World

David Ehrlich IndieWire
For God knows how long, the women of an isolated religious community have been drugged with cow tranquilizer and raped on a regular basis during the night. The women had been told they were being violated by ghosts, demons, or even Satan himself — punishment for their own improprieties. They believed that lie until two young girls saw one of the rapists as he left one night. The women of the colony, have 48 hours to decide what their future will be like. Will they leave or stay?

Grim Reapers

Ian Frazier New York Review of Books
Farmers waiting for federal grants at a Resettlement Administration office, North Dakota, July 1936
Mega-agriculture is destroying the Corn Belt and the Central Valley, which the country’s food system depends on. Can midsize farms survive to save it?

The Supreme Abortion

Lavinia Kumar New Verse News
Did the Supreme Court overstep the definitions of the word “abortion” in the great leak of secrecy? Ask poet Lavinia Kumar.

UnAmerican Activities

Gerry Sloan
Arkansas poet Gerry Sloan speaks to global absurdity (think Ukraine) “weapons of mass destruction place…victory out of reach…”