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The Vegan School Lunch

Jesse Hirsch Ambrook Research
In the popular imagination, vegan school lunch may seem like the exclusive provenance of big cities like New York, but the tide appears to have shifted significantly in much of the country.

Persistent Moon

Carol Kanter
Chicago poet Carol Kanter offers a poem of peace, an alternative to “rage…offense…”

Achille Mbembe: Necropolitics

Antonio Pele Critical Legal Thinking
Reviewer Pele says author Mbembe defines “necropolitics” “as the political making of spaces and subjectivities in an in-between of life and death.” Necropolitical practices have their origins in colonialism and the slave plantation.

Let Bradley Cooper’s Maestro Be the Death of the Biopic

In Maestro, Bradley Cooper plays famed conductor Leonard Bernstein but leaves out the complicating — and fascinating — real-life details for a more streamlined, tearjerking product. It’ll doubtlessly do well at the Oscars.

Uncivil Agreement: How Politics Became Our Identity

Todd Nicholas Fuist Mobilizing Ideas
This book explores how social identities of various kinds have spurred the divisiveness of our politics, and how politics has itself become a kind of social identity.