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Taking a Hammer to It

Jeremy Hsu New Scientist Magazine
An eye-opening read traces today’s collective rage against big tech back to the Luddite uprising the industrial revolution.

Moving Into the Agrihood

Kirsten Lie-Nielsen Modern Farmer
Planned, farm-centered neighborhoods are on the rise in the United States, offering farm-to-table food and a strong community for residents.The Urban Land Institute considers agrihoods a possible solution to several issues in the US housing market.

Two Years Later

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach Rattle
Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach knows more than a thing or two about Ukraine wars, way more to mark the passage of its second anniversary.

Limitarianism: The Case Against Extreme Wealth

David Rosen New York Journal of Books
This study, writes reviewer Rosen, "assesses the growing gap between that super-rich millionaires and billionaires and ever-increasing number ordinary people who populate the planet."