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Safe Space

Carol Smith Radical Teacher
New Jersey teacher and poet, Carol Smith explains the hazards of racist content, subtle, accidental, sometimes deliberate.

Oh Say AOC

David Klion Bookforum
This new book is a chronicle of the Democratic Party’s left flank

The Food Blogger Cooking Through Gaza’s Hunger Crisis

Sarah Aziza Bon Appetit
In a refugee camp, Hamada Shaqoura turns aid packages into pizza wraps, curry, and “Gazan style” tacos, gaining internet-wide attention. On Instagram, he offers the world a glimpse into the scarcity and ingenuity that define Palestinian survival.


Michelle Morin Canary Literary Review
South Dakota poet Michelle Morin takes a super-long view of climate change, with or without us.

The Illiberalism at America’s Core

Julian E. Zelizer The New Republic
A new history argues that illiberalism is not a backlash but a central feature from the founding to today.

The Refillery Is Coming for Your Grocery Store Routine

Kate Ray Taste Cooking
At package-free stores you bring your own container, weigh it, and fill it with the amount of rice or walnuts or Peanut M&Ms that you want to take home. In the bigger context of the zero-waste movement, do these refilleries actually mean anything?