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Let Bradley Cooper’s Maestro Be the Death of the Biopic

In Maestro, Bradley Cooper plays famed conductor Leonard Bernstein but leaves out the complicating — and fascinating — real-life details for a more streamlined, tearjerking product. It’ll doubtlessly do well at the Oscars.

Uncivil Agreement: How Politics Became Our Identity

Todd Nicholas Fuist Mobilizing Ideas
This book explores how social identities of various kinds have spurred the divisiveness of our politics, and how politics has itself become a kind of social identity.

Dear Human at the Edge of Time

Cassandra Bousquet Dear Human at the Edge of Time
Our poet Cassandra Bousquet pleads for the shrinking opportunities before us, reminding us that “the edge is not the end”—yet!

Prequel: An American Fight Against Fascism

Joan Burda New York Journal of Books
Maddow's new book surveys pre-WW II fascism in the United States, including the well-known figures in public life who sympathized with or were otherwise associated with the movement.