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Why We Can’t Turn Off the NFL

Dylan Scott Vox
America’s unbreakable fixation with football will only lead to more injuries like Damar Hamlin’s. A uniquely American concoction of capitalism and culture has allowed football to continue to thrive, even as the dangers it presents to players, both professional and amateur, have become clearer. Football remains the biggest hit on TV.

Hanging Mohsen on the Gallows

Majid Naficy
The Persian poet Majid Naficy still awakens at night, mourning friends and family, victims of the Iranian regime.

Will Smith Isn’t the Main Reason To Avoid Emancipation

Shirley Li The Atlantic
If only Emancipation actually had a memorable message. Despite a committed cast and stunning cinematography, the film’s script is too blunt and the direction too ham-fisted to make it anything more than another rote entry in the slavery-movie genre.

Recipes from the Survivors of Auschwitz

Hannah Goldfield The New Yorker
“Honey Cake and Latkes: Recipes from the Old World by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Survivors” was organized by the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Foundation. More than one survivor remembers sustaining fellow-prisoners with vivid descriptions of the foods they’d eaten in their earlier lives.

Barbara Kingsolver – Making the Invisible, Visible

Dave Kellaway Anti-Capitalist Reistance
Dave Kellaway reviews Barbara Kingsolver’s latest novel, Demon Copperhead and reflects on her contribution to literary fiction. She is one of the best living writers of the socially engaged novel.