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Their Feet Cross the Threshold

Esther Kamkar
California poet Esther Kamkar speaks about Immigrants, refugees, their perilous conditions In a world of displacement.

Plastic People, Pedal Power and the Strength of Protest

Stuart Jeffries The Guardian
This survey of counterculture protest in late 20th century Europe offers readers a look at a set of movements that are fondly remembered, but that also deserve to be far better known.

The American Heritage Rice Movement Is No Fluff

Cathy Erway Taste Cooking
America’s rice roots run deep, though time and time again it’s been underappreciated. The country's rice landscape is more diverse and more glorious than you might think; fresh-grown Heirloom varieties are available from family farms coast to coast.

The American Political Sestina

Alexandra Umlas Rattle
Poet Alexandra Umlas uses the subtle form, a sestina, to convey the tenuous substance of American political poetry.

Abolition After the George Floyd Rebellion

Jason E. Smith Los Angeles Review of Books
This study, which focuses on the 2020 protests after George Floyd's murder, offers, says reviewer Smith, "the first truly comprehensive account of that summer."