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3 Ways Project 2025 Will Impact American Workplaces

Janice Gassam Asare Forbes
Project 2025 wants to dismantle workers’ rights to organize via unions and proposes that employees instead be provided a less powerful alternative called “employee involvement organizations.”

Workers Need New Heat Protections Immediately

Alex N. Press Jacobin
The Biden administration has proposed a desperately needed new heat standard to protect workers from scorching temperatures. Expect business groups to oppose it.

Child Labor Laws in 2024

Nina Mast Econmic Policy Institute
This year, state advocates were better equipped to organize in opposition to harmful bills

Protecting America’s Freedoms

David McCall, USW International President United Steelworkers
“Virtually everything we do is determined by politics. It’s just so important, from the smallest thing in your life to the biggest. Union people need to understand how powerful their vote is—how important their vote is.”

Union Jobs, at Your Fingertips

Stand Stand
The Virtual Union Hiring Hall is more than just a jobs board. The site shares important stats about the union difference for workers as well as basic info about what unions are and how they function.

How Unions Can Help Shrink the Gender Wage Gap

Holly Corbett Forbes
Women in unions are paid higher wages and experience smaller wage gaps than non-unionized women. Unionized women who work full time are typically paid 19% more than women who are not in a union, resulting in them making roughly $10,000 more a year.