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The Frontline: A Black-Led, Multiracial Coalition Throws Down

Organizing Upgrade Editors Organizing Upgrade
workers protesting
“...electoral power alone will not get us free. Protests alone are insufficient. We need to vote. We need to protest. We need to organize. We need to study. We need to strike. And then we need to protest again.”

California Could Look To Australia For Ideas On Wildfire Management

Sonali Kolhatkar BigNewsNetwork
The...pressing matter is why there are conditions for such extreme fires in the first place. Climate change is one of the culprits. Western colonization of the state resulted in the wiping out of Indigenous knowledge of fire management.

The Threat of Fascism Won’t End with Trump

Betsy Hartmann Portside
It will take sustained progressive political pressure now and into the future to dismantle the powerful fascist forces that threaten our democracy.

The President’s Taxes

By Russ Buettner, Susanne Craig and Mike McIntire New York Times
The Times obtained Donald Trump’s tax information extending over more than two decades, revealing struggling properties, vast write-offs, an audit battle and hundreds of millions in debt coming due.