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Major Victory for London Uber Drivers

Benjamin Sachs onlabor
Today’s UK decision is doubly consequential: the court clarifies drivers’ employment status and the time for which they must be compensated.

Danny Glover: Why I’m in Alabama with Amazon Workers

Sarah Anderson
What role will the Amazon warehouse workers of Bessemer play in the organizing history of the south? We’ll find out on March 30, the day after the workers’ deadline for submitting their mail-in union ballots.

Sex Workers and Covid

Olivia Riggio The IndyPendent
The pandemic has brought about unique challenges for sex workers. Through organizations such as the Sex Workers Outreach Program and BIPOC Adult Industry Collective workers are addressing those collectively.

Despite Slow Vaccine Rollout, Teachers Are Being Pushed Back Inside

Barbara Madeloni Labor Notes
The pressure to reopen school buildings now, rather than wait until all educators have been vaccinated, exemplifies the reckless disregard for educators’ lives that district administrators and politicians have shown throughout the pandemic.