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No Left without the Labor Left

Jonah Furman Organizing Upgrade
Sanders supporters couldn't win without the unions. To get a stronger left candidate in the future, or build a real mass base if Biden (or Trump) wins, we need the unions. But they are stuck in their old ways. We need a new strategy.

Martinez-Cuevas: Reckoning with Labor Law’s Racist Roots

Marina Multhaup onLabor
Workers working in the fields.
The Washington Supreme Court is currently deliberating a case that could have major economic effects for our most vulnerable workers while beginning to unravel one long-standing piece of our nation’s white supremacist history.

Labor Rights Mobilized Women During Suffrage — and Now

Chabeli Carrazana  The 19th*
"The manufacturer has a vote; the bosses have votes; the foremen have votes; the inspectors have votes. The working girl has no vote. When she asks to have the building in which she must work made clean and safe, the officials do not have to listen.”

Trumka to DNC Labor Council: Our Democracy Is at Stake

Richard Trumpka AFL-CIO
Biden knows knows our democracy is under siege. Look no further than what Donald Trump is doing with the Post Office. He’s threatening America’s most trusted public service with attacks and lies and extortion. Labor must support Biden/Harris.

Belarus: A New Country on the Map of Europe

Lizaveta Merliak and Kirill Buketov Global Labour Column
Aleksandr Lukashenko built his dictatorship by destroying trade unions but workers are fighting back, striking and protesting along with the growing democracy movement. The new Belarus is resisting, and is asking for international support.