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The Organic Intellectuals in China

Elaine Sio-ieng Hui Marxist Sociology Blog
Some workers in China have fought against the capitalist values coming to dominate the country. The author describes the roles these workers play as organic and semi-organic intellectuals as well as the challenges they face trying to organize.

Houston, We Have a Labor Dispute

Meagan Day Jacobin
It has long been rumored that a strike in outer space occurred in 1973. Astronauts say that isn’t quite true, but the real story is still a testament to the potential of strikes — or even just the threat of strikes — to shift the balance of power.

Rutgers Unions Find Power in Coalition

Rebecca Givan Organizing UpGrade
The Coalition of Rutgers Unions backed up their negotiations with street actions, including a protest in support of Latinx families in New Brunswick, NJ whose school was facing demolition because of the university’s real estate development plans.