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Power, Wages, and Inequality

Arthur Macewan Dollars and Sense
The American labor market is characterized by high levels of employer power.

We Failed To Protect Abortion Rights. We Need a Labor-Based Strategy.

Lillian Cicerchia Jacobin
Despite majority support for abortion rights, we failed to build a majority coalition to defend reproductive freedom. We should honestly assess our failures — and then build a movement that ties together labor, feminists, and health care organizing.

Revolutionary Grounds

Jana Silverman The Forge
The main thing that I would say to comrades is: don't just do the propaganda. Don't just be in the campus group. Go and meet workers in your local high street and unionize them. That is the best thing a socialist could do: help to organize the working class where we find them today and fight the issues that they're facing today.

Starbucks Workers Have the Company on Its Back Foot

David Sirota Jacobin
With unionization taking off at Starbucks, the company is quietly admitting that it’s in a bind: unionization threatens its low-wage model, but union busting hurts its public image as a supposedly progressive company.

No to Corporate Law Breakers

Jake Johnson Common Dreams
"No government," said Senator Bernie Sanders, "should be handing out corporate welfare to union busters."

Abortion Rights Are Workers’ Rights

Kim Kelly In These Times
The Supreme Court’s plan to strike down Roe vs. Wade is an attack on workers everywhere. The labor movement should treat it that way—by taking urgent action.