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At a Massive Union Rally, the Promise of a Better South

Hamilton Nolan In These Times
Strikers sitting next to a blow up of Mother Jones
Many unions sent buses full of supporters from all across the South. There were CWA and UAW members. There were teamsters, teachers, government workers and longshoremen all in union t-shirts. This is what solidarity looks like.

It’s Time to Give Domestic Workers the Protections They Deserve

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, & Ai-Jen Poo Marie Claire
The National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, reintroduced on July 29, would establish a new set of standards for the people who work in our homes and take a vital step towards racial and gender equity.

Canary in the Mine: Striking Miners in Alabama

Luis Feliz Leon The American Prospect
The five-month strike is about worker power in America. It’s also about fighting for a just transition for carbon-intensive industries.

17,000 University of California Researchers Could Soon Win a Union

Tanzil Chowdhury, SIerra Dodd, Kdan Lee Jacobin
University of California student researchers have announced they have union authorization cards from a super-majority of 17,000 researchers throughout the UC system — one of the largest union drives in recent US history. We spoke to three.

Striking Coal Miners Return to New York to Picket Investor

Steven Wishnia
“They don’t want to pay the profit back that we earned that company,” UMWA District 20 vice president Larry Spencer told the rally. "Give us a fair contract and we’ll go back to work in these coal mines" The strike is the longest in Alabama history.