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Christmas (and Class) Behind the Scenes

Kathy M. Newman Working Class Perspectives
If you’re a Christmas movie/work freak like me, enjoy The Holiday Movies that Made Us and think about the thousands of unsung underlings who work behind the scenes.

Unions Worry Uptick in Automated Jobs Will Go Beyond Pandemic

Olivia Rockeman, James Attwood and Joe Deaux Bloomberg
To maintain productivity and safety, some jobs are installing robot coworkers. Labor unions worry that the robots will continue to occupy jobs after the pandemic ends while others say they will free up workers for other positions.

Why Workers Everywhere Should Read Labor’s Untold Story

Chris Townsend Jacobin
Reading and study are required for militants in any labor union. And there are few better resources for telling the heroic story of American class struggle to workers today than the classic labor history book Labor’s Untold Story.

Putting a Nightmare Behind Us - What Next

Where do we go when we succeed in putting a nightmare -- two nightmares -- behind us? Toward something. We must advance toward a truly multiracial, inclusive, radical democracy or we will have no democracy at all.

There’s Only One Way to Recover From the Pandemic: Together

Danh Vo Workday Minnesota
Despite the discrimination and stigma we often face, we are committed to strengthening and unifying the country we call home. No matter whether you’re black, white, or brown, we all bleed the same red blood.