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Trying Again for Full Employment

Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg Dollars and Sense
As prominent progressives talk up a federal job guarantee, what can we learn from earlier attempts to legislate full employment?

There Is Power in This Union

Michael Kazin Dissent
The Democrats’ midterm triumphs in Nevada would not have been possible without Culinary Workers Union Local 226.

Our Annual Fund Appeal - Counting on Our Readers' Support

Portside moderators Portside
We can move our country forward by moving it to the left. The Resistance and the gains in the recent elections are dramatic evidence that something fundamental is happening. Portside will continue to do our part. We ask for your help once a year.

Question 1: The Road Not Travelled

Jason Pramas Dig Boston
A broader appeal by Question 1 in Massachusetts could have resulted in a win for nurses and patients.

Striking Marriott Workers in Boston Reach Agreement With Hotels

Katie Johnston and John Hilliard Boston Globe
The union, Unite Here Local 26, declined to release details of the agreement until the remaining 5,000 Marriott workers who are on strike in San Francisco and two locations in Hawaii settle their contracts.