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The U.S. Labor Movement during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Eric Dirnbach Medium
Eric Dirnbach looks at a range of labor movement actions and resources that have developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic disaster. The coronavirus crisis reminds us that workers must organize to save themselves.

Coronavirus at the Bottom of the Supply Chain

James North The Nation
Kalpona Akter standing in front of a colorful abstract mural.
The coronavirus will likely strike the Global South more viciously than it is currently hitting the United States and other well-off nations. The pandemic has the potential to devastate poorer nations with weak health care systems.

W.Va. Supreme Court Upholds Long-argued Right to Work Law

Brad McElhinny MetroNews
The right-to-work law has been the centerpiece of a years-long, partisan-driven agenda by the anti-worker Republican majority in West Virginia to lower wages and benefits and eliminate workplace safety regulations.

“It’s Time to Engage in as Much Class Struggle as We Can”

Interview with Mark Meinster by Meagan Day Jacobin
The United Electrical workers’ union and the Democratic Socialists of America are teaming up to help nonunion workers organize during the coronavirus crisis. The goal: find workers who are already spoiling for a fight and help them win it.