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Amazon Transformed Seattle. Now, Its Workers Are Poised to Take It Back

By E. Tammy Kim New York Times
Protesters with picket signs
In the coming years, Amazon will most likely become the largest private employer in the United States — perhaps even the world. It already employs nearly a million U.S. workers and indirectly commands many more thousands of contracted drivers.

Know Your Enemy: How to Defeat Capitalism

Michael A. Lebowitz Links
But why does the capitalist want to hire workers? Because by doing so, he gains control over the worker’s capacity in the workplace.

Biden Labor Task Force Aims at Federal Purchasing, Agency Moves

Ben Penn Bloomberg Law
A task force is exploring how to boost union organizing and clout. Talks have included leveraging federal purchasing to steer agency contracts to companies with unionized labor or that otherwise promote workers’ rights.

Whither Farmers’ Struggles in India?

Achin Vanaik The Bullet
The ongoing struggle of farmers in India is the most significant mass mobilization in decades and represents the biggest challenge to the government of Narendra Modi since it first came to power in 2014.