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Which Way for South Africa’s Communists?

Conrad Landin interviews Mzwandile Thakhudi Morning Star
Young Communist leader Thakhudi cites the history of the Alliance to explain the SACP’s position today. “Comrade president Oliver Tambo said our alliance is not a paper alliance, it is born out of struggle, and out of sacrifice."

Friday Nite Videos | February 16, 2024

Jordan Klepper in South Carolina. One Piece at a Time (Johnny Cash / Song Parody). The Greatest Misinformation Campaign in History. PSA: “This Is F***ed Up” | Fani Willis Is Not On Trial. Why Do Amazonian People Have Some Australasian DNA?

New Wisconsin Maps May End GOP Gerrymandering

Megan O’Matz ProPublica
Under legal pressure to address Wisconsin’s “Swiss cheese” and oddly shaped districts, the Legislature approved redrawn maps that promise to create a new dynamic in a state known for its pivotal role in national politics.