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Nothing is Normal

Esther Cohen
New York poet Esther Cohen addresses the suddenness of change and notices what hasn’t changed at all.

From Progressive Neoliberalism to Trump and Beyond

Gregory. N. Heires Portside
The social breakdown, symbolized by Trump's election and the malign effects of austerity policies serve to destroy faith in neoliberal capitalism. When that faith started to fray, new forms of outsider populist politics emerged left and right.

White Enough? Race in America

Ayesha Ramachandran Los Angeles Review of Books
This book on modern immigration explores the complex relationship South Asian migrants to the U.S. have with the always contested notion of "whiteness."

Finding Hope in a Dark Week

John T. Edge Garden and Gun
On Tuesday, I visited my 93-year-old father who lives in an assisted living apartment a few miles away. After we talked, we said our goodbyes with more candor and tenderness than usual; I told him that I wouldn’t be coming back for a long time.

The Unreliable Narrator

Peter Neil Carroll
A version of the boy who cried wolf, here now are the consequences of government lies.