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Finding Hope in a Dark Week

John T. Edge Garden and Gun
On Tuesday, I visited my 93-year-old father who lives in an assisted living apartment a few miles away. After we talked, we said our goodbyes with more candor and tenderness than usual; I told him that I wouldn’t be coming back for a long time.

The Unreliable Narrator

Peter Neil Carroll
A version of the boy who cried wolf, here now are the consequences of government lies.

Growers of New, Pricey Strawberry Are Selling a Sweeter Experience

Michel Martin npr
The "new" strawberry has twice as much sugar content compared to the average American variety; it's bigger, and has an airier texture and unexposed seeds. Although it thrives in the mountains of Japan, a New Jersey farm is now growing it here.

Tracking the Enemy

Kim Shuck Sidewalk NDN
“Donated clothes” from California, the woman who sewed meets the wearer, “a Bosnian woman/Hiding in London”—the global coincidence that inspires “Tracking the enemy.”