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You Wonder if You Can Write Something

Susan Browne Rattle
Poet Susan Browne depicts the despair of our times, a sense of hopelessness, the feeling that the future will be even worse than these dismal days.

What Dinner Will Look Like in the Next 100 Years

Alex Beggs Bon Appetit
According to Amanda Little in The Fate of Food, seeds, farming practices, technology, water, distribution, and behind-the-scenes innovations are going to change the contents of our plates.

The Circus Was Televised

Jen Chaney Vulture
Johnny Depp’s legal team bet that a combination of subliminal shots of nostalgia, meme- and sound bite-friendly details, and Depp being Depp on the witness stand could sway public opinion. They were right.


Donna Pucciani
A surprise turn at the end of Donna Pucciani’s poem, “Pieces,” will shock the reader to consider how sheer evil has eroded our society.