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For posts before June 2012, please follow these links to our archives.

The Lesbian Bar Project

Anna Hezel TasteCooking
Socioeconomic divisions meant that a lot of women couldn’t afford to go out, or they had children and didn’t have the time to. So how they gathered was through food, and through community. Filmmakers Street and Rose explore the idea of queer food.


Rebecca Foust New Letters
Rebecca Foust’s poem “Crack” speaks to vulnerability—"just a nick/to break the skin”—that encapsulates the era of pandemic.

Human Conditions, Early and Otherwise

Scott McLemee Inside Higher Ed
The journal’s intrepid book reviewer surveys a mélange of fall 2021 university and scholarly books on human origins and development, finding some surprising commonality in an otherwise often conflictual field.

The ‘Lost World’ of Vittorio De Seta

J. Hoberman New York Review of Books
Filmed in the 1950s, Vittorio De Seta's luminous shorts depicting the hardscrabble lives of fishermen, shepherds, peasants, and miners in rural Italy turn documentary into art film.

And for a Time we Lived

Rebecca Foust New Letters
California poet Rebecca Foust addresses an accustomed high standard of living that we know is precarious, evanescent.

Narrative Napalm: Malcolm Gladwell’s Apologia for American Butchery

Noah Kulwin The Baffler
Portside typically aims at reviewing books offering a radical, cogent POV. This is not the case for the book here, a political slapdash whose trade-promoted author justifies if not glorifies mass slaughter in promoting war aims and imperial ventures.