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For posts before June 2012, please follow these links to our archives.

Growing Food Justice in Brooklyn

Monica R. Goya & Valery Rizzo Yes Magazine
ENYF! is an urban agriculture, food justice-led project in East New York.They grow produce and also hire and train community members—people who love food and want to learn how to cook. They basically educate the community on healthy eating.

Professional Rioters

José A. Alcántara Plainsongs
Colorado poet José A. Alcántara has a thing or two to say about the difference between so-called professional revolutionaries and mere amateurs.

What Draws Us to the Reactionary Darkness of Dune?

Chris DIte Jacobin
The latest film adaptation of Dune, Frank Herbert’s cult sci-fi novel series, is out next month. With its often-reactionary mix of political cynicism, ecological catastrophism, and lurid orientalism, it remains oddly attractive to left-wing audiences

A Chair Reviews The Chair

Karen Tongson Slate
Sandra Oh’s Netflix series - Instead of fetishizing the literary classroom as a luminous font of inspiration, the series shows us how Ji-Yoon’s strenuous efforts are constantly crushed by structural racism and sexism.


Robert Pinsky New Yorker
Labor Day: Former Poet of the United States Robert Pinsky reads his poem “Shirt,” among the great works of poetry about labor.

America Was Eager for Chinese Immigrants. What Happened?

Michael Luo The New Yorker
In the gold-rush era, initial ceremonial greetings soon gave way to bigotry and violence as Chinese immigrants were tarred as a “coolie race” and cast as a threat to free white labor. The two books under review tell the story of how and why.