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Wendell Berry Reflections
As the matter of gun control remains unresolved, the comments of poet Wendell Berry seem particularly relevant.

Jazz and Justice

Gregory N. Heires Portside
The book under review charts two worlds of the Jazz industry, paying attention both to the joy it brought to listeners alongside the depth of racism and economic exploitation behind the music.

‘The Water Dancer’: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ American Odyssey

David Fear Rolling Stone
This first novel by famed essayist Coates explores the world of slavery and abolition. The author "re-creates the world of the pre-Civil War South," says reviewer Fear, "with a journalist’s eye and ear for detail."

Covering for Roy Cohn

David Klion The New Republic
'Where is My Roy Cohn?' the new documentary about Cohn's life and circle is a study in complicity.

Guide to Food-Centric Films

Brian Barth Modern Farmer
Food-themed films on the menu this Fall
This fall, the food film festival circuit features many aspects of the food system and the people behind the scenes.

The Great Socialist Bake Off

Josh Freedman Jacobin
The Great British Bake Off isn't just wonderful entertainment. By prizing cooperation over cutthroat competition and solidarity over selfishness, it's also quietly radical.