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Algae caviar, anyone? What we'll eat on the journey to Mars

Nicola Twilley Media MIT
Food is a central focus of the MIT program; Maggie Coblentz, who leads the Space Exploration Initiative's gastronomic research argues that, as much as art or music or movement, good food will enable us to thrive as we leave Earth behind.

Spy Thriller Queen Sono is Netflix’s Newest Binge-worthy Series

Ashley Ray-Harris AV Club
Queen Sono will gain attention for being Netflix’s first African original series. It deserves attention for breaking barriers in Netflix’s programming examining everything from Black female independence to the impact of white colonialism on Africa.

Morir Soñando

Martín Espada Rattle
“This poem is an elegy for a dear friend and mentor, Luis Garden Acosta,” writes Martin Espada, whose “activism…changed his community in Brooklyn [and] the lives of untold thousands like me.”

Serfs of Academe

Charles Petersen The New York Review of Books
The plight of academic adjuncts, those Ph.D's working full-time at low wages, no benefits and little job security, viewed not just as prototypical exploited gig workers and units of flexibility but also as an advanced contingent of union activists.


Dorian Lynskey The Guardian
A compelling account of how far-right firestarters helped ‘the world’s most gifted media troll’ to become the US president.