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The Photographs of the Border

Aviva Chomsky The Nation
In More Than a Wall / Más que un Muro, labor journalist David Bacon offers a politically rich, bilingual compilation of photographs and oral histories. Corporations know no borders, while they rely on the US-Mexico border to keep wages low...

Author Finds Lessons in Detroit’s ‘50-Year Rebellion’

Michael Jackman Detroit Metro Times
In this interview from five years ago, the author of this important book discusses some of the events and policies that have made Detroit a showcase for the neoliberal mode of urban development.

What Is Food?

Mark Bittman Bittman Project
Food, like climate, like income, like “the environment” raises all the important issues, and it’s as good a tool for grappling with those issues as anything else. If we can’t sustainably and reliably provide ourselves with good food, we’re looking at a future of increasing illness and planetary degradation.

Red Summer

Gerry Sloan Arkansas Review
Phillips County, Arkansas, hometown of the most lynching, inspired the poet Gerry Sloan to remember the tragedy at Elaine a century ago.

Does Classics Have a Future?

Najee Olya Los Angeles Review of Books
The academic discipline of classics is facing profound challenges from scholars that are looking to renovate its traditional focus on the "whiteness" of its subject. This study is an expression of that challenge.