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“Sitting Around Singing Kumbaya”

Arielle Greenberg Poetry Northwest
"Come by here": Listen as the Maine-based poet Arielle Greenberg takes you to the radical roots , the heritage and legacy of the oft-maligned song, Kumbaya.

Insurgent universality

Samir Gandesha Radical Philosophy
The argument that's usually framed as "identity politics" versus "class politics" is one of the animating features of today's insurgent left. Both this book and reviewer Gandesha seek to unpack this argument's complexities.

Did Not Know It Was Possible For a Show to Be This Stupid

Jack Mirkinson Splinter
It is worth noting the existence of this thing as a cultural symbol of the way in which Venezuela—which, whatever your thoughts on it, is not, like, al-Qaeda—is becoming the new Russia.

He Was a Worker

Alex Gallo-Brown Poetry Northwest
For Labor Day week, Seattle poet Alex Gallo-Brown reminds us that unpleasant bosses often receive their just rewards without knowing why.

Immanuel Wallerstein: An Obituary

Boaventura de Sousa Santos ROAR
Acclaimed Marxist sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein, author of numerous works on capitalism as a world-system, including a sterling four volume study completed in 2011, died on August 31 at the age of 88. A fulsome remembrance appears below.

Jazz from Detroit

George Grella Brooklyn Rail
Followers and chroniclers of jazz have long known Detroit as the home and source of a host of the music's finest practitioners. This new book documents much of that history, bringing the story up to today.